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  1. Tips for viewing forum messages

    I find this forum a most user unfriendly site Nothing is simple when ring to view your answer to your last post Where is the procedure o use? thanks Lucky 43
  2. I Have recently purchased a new PC I backed up TMG to a disc How do I now download the TMG and then download my dats disk V 7 Lucky 43
  3. backups

    I have tried to backup my project to a CD in drive D. I have gone thru the preference drop down menu. I cant get the program to recognise the drive. It rejects D drive and says save to C drive. Please help as i want to then upgrade to V7 Jamic
  4. Previously on my old computer i backed up to floppies. My new computer does not support this method. How can I change settings to back up to a flash drive. Thanks Janice
  5. Hi, i am having similar problems with my computer. From the old computer, I have backed up onto a "flash drive". I have tried to save it to my "new computer" which it says it cannot open as it is a zip file and or locked file. I can open it up on the flash drive "f" but cannot copy it to the new computer C drive. I have downloaded the V6:12 version OK from the internet. Can anyone help? Regards Janice