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  1. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    You can download the 'trial' version, which is always the latest TMG version, and write it to a CD yourself. Thanks. I already did that but somehow my little brain expected the file to be bigger than 46Mb. If that is truly all I need, I am good to go. Thanks again
  2. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    A very sad milestone. All good things do have to come to an end at some point but it is unsettling nonetheless to witness the retirement of the best-of-the-best of genealogy software: bar none! Bob, I do hope that the removal of the stress of keeping TMG alive for we few loyal customers will mitigate whatever health issues you might have. I have no intention of migrating until, heaven forbid, TMG becomes unusable. I do not anticipate that will happen any time soon provided the Micro$oft OS does not change dramatically. That said, I have most always upgraded electronically and wonder if there will be an offering for the purchase of a copy of the software on CD so that I will have a solid backup available should I need to re-install?
  3. I just now noticed that I have a number of individuals that have a blank "Parent-Bio" tag as the first line in their details window. I would like to generate a report that will list all of the individuals within the database that have this blank tag entry in order that I might make the necessary corrections (i.e. delete the blank tags)
  4. My Controls

    I would like to change my registered user name but this feature does not appear to be available through MyControls? How do I do this or whom do I contact to have the deed performed on my behalf?