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  1. Hi I am running V9.01 of TMG and the version of VCF is 3.2 Is this the latest version of VCF and if not where can I upgrade? Thanks David
  2. Exhibit file types

    Jim Thanks for that - you put me on the right track. The 'ADD' button wont allow the addition of .MP4 or .CSV files put the right-click will. I didnt know that the right click gave extra options. David
  3. Hi I have recently tried to link to an .MP4 file and to a .CSV and on both occasions am told 'the file format is not supported' Is there a list of file types which are supported? Windows 7 and TMG 7.04 Thanks David
  4. Is there a way in TMG7/VCF to display a box for Partners (i.e. unmarried people living together and maybe having children) as well as Spouses? Thanks David
  5. When running the Kinship Report I get the following error: ErrorMarker: Variable 'S_JUST' is not found. 38 ISCRBIB I ignore this error and then get: Conversion error # 11 : Could not open Source document I'm using Word and the file is empty I I use Adobe I get the first error but not the second and the file opens without any exhibits in it. Thanks David
  6. Hi I'm using TMG 7 and want to reference an exhibit from many different people. An example - a photo of one headstone with many peoples deaths on it. I wanted to add the exhibit to many death tags. I'm just thinking maybe it shold be in a source and then quoted in many citations. Any advice appreciated Thanks David
  7. Exhibits Reporting

    Hi Is it possible to include non primary exhibits in a report. I want to be able to include photographs of houses people lived in (for example) in Individual Narraive report? Any help appreciated Thanks David
  8. picklist issue

    When using Expanded Picklist the sorting order doesnt seem to be correct. I get Chandler, Sarra Chandler, William Chandler, David Chandler, Ella It sorts the Surnames correctly but seems to create 2 lists based on the given name. the sort order I have is Surname, Given Name, Birth Date Any ideas? Thanks David
  9. V7.04 update problem missing string.fpt

    Jim Thanks very much for the above. The upgrade ran and all is now o.k. David
  10. V7.04 update problem missing string.fpt

    The installer is looking for the file 'install_uk703.dis' in your TMG program folder. Is the file present? Or any other file named install*.dis. Also, there is never any need to run the installer as administrator. Don't do that. <g> Jim Thanks for that. I dont have any file install*.dis on my disk. I have a file _install_uk703.log in C:\Users\dchandler\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\Logs which is a log of my origional installation. Thanks for your help David
  11. V7.04 update problem missing string.fpt

    When I try to upgrade the : Gold UK edition v7.03 I Get: The Patch File is for the UK Edition of TMG and is not appropriate for you installation. I am running on Vista Home and have tried running both as a normal user and administrator with the same result. Any Ideas Thanks David