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  1. Thank you for all your suggestions. Although I have been using TMG for many years, I can see I still have quite a learning curve to understand some of what you are saying. But I'm up for learning new things. I have ordered a TMG primer, so I hope it will explain things like "double exclusion". I have been using a hyphen before info in a Note that I wish to keep private. Maybe that's double exclusion.


    Thanks again.

  2. I discovered the Father-Private category and have begun using it for illegitimate births. Unfortunately, they show up as a regular father in TMG reports and GEDCOM exports to our family tree website.


    What can I do to retain a father relationship of some kind in my TMG database but not have that relationship show up in reports and GEDCOM files where they embarrass (or worse) family members?

  3. The age display in the Detail view is enabled in Preferences / Tag Box / Show Age column. After you select that option, save your layout to make the change permanent. If it is the Standard Layout, you will have to save it with a new name - the Standard Layout cannot be modified..




    Thank you, Virginia. Works fine now, thanks to your help.