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  1. Hello Terry


    I looked at your article "The future for TMG users" and I have my exc file in a safe place and I used that (is this what you mean by install) and I still don't have any data or sample file. I did find some when I ran windows recover. Some files may be Microsoft but the main problem seems to be the repair I did, albeit why I had to do it meant there was a problem. There was no difference when I ran the exc file.

    I may have put the wrong files I found in recover into sample but they were sentences that I recognised


    Should I delete all my docs file from C drive and run again.


    There was a windows critical update on the same day I cleaned the computer.



  2. Lost data out of TMGW 8 after cleaning with windows ccleaner.


    I am in real strife,

    I have a back up, but the last TMGW disc I have is Version 7.


    I also did a "repair" in programmes and this has caused a problem


    1. Open tmgw and it shows box message "Repair mode activated". Close it and programme opens..

    2. No data showing in last or sample.

    3, Try and restore sqz. from c drive.

    Message Variable LATEMP not found. 44 FRMWIZRESTORE.WIZFRAMEI.PAGE1.CONT.INIT ( COULDNT GET ANY OF THE PASTE OPTIONS TO WORK. GRR) Abort that and another message..


    4. Get another message in repair mode stating that the sample not found sample\sample_ND.dbf

    4. Press ok and shuts TMGW.



    Alias not found 592 copydict.


    I gave up after this. Of course I cannot download from wholly genes.

    Can anyone help please?

  3. Descendant indented chart shows dots under 1st and 2nd generation vertical lines. Now I thought I knew that this was simply a hidden files problem and I was playing around with this on another programme.

    I just changed it over to show hidden files and it is still the same.
    I cant find it in my old answers I received years ago. I didn't think I would forget.
    Using Win 7 Gold edition V8

  4. Hello Terry


    Wow such a lot of information. Firstly I only use the words illegitimate broadly for the purpose of this query.. Sometimes the mother doesn't want the name of the father known even if they are married. I simply use it to say that no father has been given so therefore no marriage, partner spouse of whatever you want to call the parent is linked, and therefore not showing and this is why the programme shows no father. It is a generic word for the purpose of this trouble shooting.


    Lines are not a problem. I shouldn't have mentioned it in relation to the chart I sent. Just wanted to explain that this is not happening in my charts and it is not the gap I refer to in my current family problem..


    What you seem to be saying is what I am saying all along. I think if I have understood this correctly. My sample family was provided to show you that this is a normal chart as I have said all along. What you haven't seen is the chart that I am having trouble with. The rules for my other family are not applying to the new one.. I have all the dates so there is no sorting problem if I understand what you are saying. I think this is the best idea if I send it to you..


    I appreciate your input

    I will send it separately to you.


    Iris Wood


    Kind regards


  5. Thank you Michael.


    Terry asked some questions and my answer may make it clearer.


    Firstly you recreated a report that I am also seeing, so we are on the same page here. I understand all your other comments.

    I linked the children as you described. I rechecked several times but I will recheck it all again. So yes my main concern is this gap. Yes I understand spouse. I know when you link an illegitmate child it is a mother /child relationship so unknown spouse will show. Or if it is not ticked you get this gap. So what you are saying is that this is the chart you get when you have an unknown spouse and the mother marries. This is the chart I also got and you have never seen it printed any other way. Incidently sometimes the father will put in an ill. child but doesn't give the mothers name.


    What I am saying is that in 170,000 entries I have never seen this before.. However, so far I have just found children who are illegitimate but none where the mother married or entered into a relationship and had more children. Which is what we have been discussing. I just printed out a large family with unknown spouse entered and one with it greyed out. There seems to be a lot of them.

    I hope I can find another example in my reports. This will take time but it is important. It would be very unusual not to find an illegitimate child where the mother married later and this type of report shows.


    I am privately sending you a chart that I just found.The mother had an illegitimate child. He in turn married and he links to the mother as first child. She subsequently married and there were no children. For the purpose of the exercise I added a child and this child appears at the bottom of the chart with the marriage. This is how it has always been. So it looks like any other chart. Can the fact that the illegitimate child married may make the difference?


    Thank you for your time trying to solve the issue. you understand my problem perfectly. The chart I am sending you privately will make it clear. I will also change the names on this chart so it can be put on the forum for future reference.

    kind regards


  6. Hello Terry

    I cant replicate specific quotes and I cannot cut and paste.

    Point 2. The family I sent you which I resent as an attachment was done in version 8.It was compiled in version 4.

    Point 3. With all other versions and I am sure version 8. This is the first time I have seen this problem

    Point 3 Something is happening in version 8. Since I don't use it much these days I cannot say when thing have changed. Probably I have not had to put in an illegitimate child recently. But this is the first time I have seen this problem. I send out charts to check though and once again this is the first time I have seen this problem. The charts I sent out could have been done an altered with another version. I do not know.


    Lastly the report is different as the illegitimate child's details come before the child who was born after the mother married. As Michael said in the" new" charts an illegitimate child shows up at the end of the list of children with a gap where unknown spouse would be if I have greyed it out. It doesn't seem It is difficult to see where the child fits in. To be consistent with the current linking Michael replicated is the illegitimate child in this example would appear in the same way and it doesn't. This is the type of chart I have always seen. Providing you have the birth dates the first child is linked only to the mother but is still the first child. If the mother married her children are linked to the husband but the illegitimate child is still the first child. This is not happening now. (sending you this chart Michael)


    The chart I sent you was in version 8. This is the only programme I am using.

    I hope I have made this problem clear.


    Many thanks



    So what are you saying, All information entered from version 3, 4 and then 7 will give a different result than info entered into V8??.

    No, not at all. I'm saying that there is no guarantee that you can get the same exact result when creating a chart from TMG 8 or 9 as you got from an earlier version. It has nothing to do with which version entered the data.


    As my last paste to you shows I was getting proper charts but not now.

    Was when? With which version of TMG?


    If I get reports like I am getting now I find it is not acceptable and the workaround is not acceptable to the family and I will have to use another programme. However I feel sure that there is something in version 8 that changed recently . I feel that something other than the programme is the problem . Why hasn't it happened before?

    Before when? With TMG 8 or an earlier version?


    What about version 9?

    I expect it's the same as version 8. It's the same report engine, and I think that's what Michael used.


    I am going to end the chart to you via a word attachment. Why is it ok and new entries not?

    What is the chart you sent me? Is it made with TMG8? How is it different than what you are objecting to?



  8. Hi Terry



    Yes I can could have sent you an attachment but didn't know whether you could open it. However you can see it is not producing a chart like the one I had an issue with. I really do not understand. Something must be wrong.


    So what are you saying, All information entered from version 3, 4 and then 7 will give a different result than info entered into V8??.

    As my last paste to you shows I was getting proper charts but not now.

    If I get reports like I am getting now I find it is not acceptable and the workaround is not acceptable to the family and I will have to use another programme. However I feel sure that there is something in version 8 that changed recently . I feel that something other than the programme is the problem . Why hasn't it happened before?

    What about version 9?

    I am going to end the chart to you via a word attachment. Why is it ok and new entries not?


    Sorry but this is 30 years work and I cannot leave it like this just before I go to print. It is terribly upsetting..




  9. Hi Michael


    Just lost my post.


    I just wanted to say that I couldn't post the chart I made up as I couldn't use the cut and paste function and Terry asked me to send it to him. It is the same as the one you replicated. But I did find a old chart and you can clearly see it handles illegitimate children in the dame way as other people but without a husband attached. He cannot post it because it is a genuine family and I haven't heard from him. I can distinctly recall saying to people that the only way you can see that the mother is not married is by noticing there is no husband.


    So yes the chart you created is the way the programme is handling illegitimate children now, but it wasn't always the case. I am wondering if support programmes are no longer working such as java. I have had to download several new scripts in recent moths because they keep updating.


    So I was wondering if changing to V9 is possible. Will it solve the problem and can I actually purchase it.


    Just to be clear I had only just added this new family that started this question. I just do updates and corrections these days.So it is only new families that this is happening to I THINK. But no proof except the one chart I sent where I added a child to a marriage that occurred late to the mother who had the illegitimate child. This child now has a family of his own so he is sitting under the mother as it always was the case.



    kind regards


  10. Hello Michael


    Thank you for going to so much trouble to recreate. Yes this is what is happening.

    I hear what you are saying and even if I didn't have a marriage date for those that were married several times they would appear as husband 1 and child number 1 in a desc chart instead of last. I understand that.

    I have been looking through my current out put file trying to find someone with the same criteria. I could only find an illegitimate child but my research stops there and I don't know if the mother remarried so I cannot duplicate.


    I did find one example in my own family line whereby the chart came out correct. (this line was first done in version 4) But there was no children to a subsequent marriage so I added a child. and it is as it should be. The only difference is that the illegitimate child had married and had a family. Since I cannot cut and paste it here and it is a real family I will email have both charts to Terry as he suggested. Well he suggested one. So I am wondering why the same rules to this new chart are different. The illegitimate child is attached to the mother and the new husband and child are last in the descendancy line as they should be.


    I have lots of old charts I have printed but I really cannot go through them all to look for one.


    I tried to recreate in version 7 but I couldn't get a report because I have a 64 bit system.


    I appreciate the workaround but it is a real nightmare and the families wont like it that is why I am so sure that this hasn't happened before because I send people their charts to check and I have sent out hundreds..

    Is it possible that TMGW 8 no longer works with new support software?

    I will ask Terry to send the "real
    " family privately to you. He will post the one I recreated but it is the same as you described with yours.

    Thank you very much





  11. Hi Terry or anyone



    I recreated a small family as an example of what the desc indented chart looks like with an illegitimate child so you can see that it is not clear. I want to paste it but cant do it. I used "paste to word".The window open and I pasted but it is not showing.

    Please advise if this is correct and why it is not working please?.


  12. Hi Terry


    You are a legend. I set it to default and all is well. However I got the "unknown spouse" but unticked it in options and I am back to the original problem. The illegitimate first child is still last and has a gap in the vertical descendant line. (where "unknown spouse" would have been) It is not clear who she belongs to. If I leave in "unknown spouse" you can see she is an illegitimate child of the mother. I have never had this problem before, Normally she would be linked to the mother and be a first child even without a father then the defacto and two other children linked to both of them. You said above that unknown spouse is about descendants but I use these as my main charts and have never seen this before. Even by leaving in unknown spouse she is still shown as the last child despite being born before the others.


    The mother now wants to change the illegitimate child's name to the defacto's name. Currently she is the biological child of the mother. I would have to link her as what? adoption? and add the defacto as the principal?


    I don't like this idea as it is not correct. If I change her name I would usually put Brown (mothers name and then defacto ie Merriman. Brown/Merriman


    I just hope it doesn't happen to any of the others and at this stage there are so many like this that I wouldn't recognise them.





  13. Hi Terry

    I have been through it again. I has already summed up what I have done but I did more trouble shooting and towards the end of this email I came up with what may be a software problem.


    Yes the father is attached to each of his children as bio-dtr and bio- son and the family view is as it should be..

    In the family group they show as mother and father correctly for two of the children and mother has three children. . I also did a descendant chart in the father as and it shows only the father and his children two children, No mother. I then did a chart with mother as focus person and she is only linked to her three children. So it is the marriage tag that seems to be the problem.


    Yes the defacto tag group shows is in the marriage group.

    In the general tab it is also in the marriage group.

    Looking in the tag type list the marriage filter is greyed out. The type is custom and tag group is marriage.



    So I looked at altering this to marriage via tags and the only marriage tag is M (<M) This should be an upside down symbol I cannot create. Normally there are two marriage tags I think.


    So I went back to the main screen and used the marriage tag (+ marriage tag) and made it principal in both husband and wife view. I checked the tag entry and there are linked. as married.. I deleted defacto and it is still the same. If I do a descendant chart with the husband or the mother only one parent shows up.


    So I tested the descendant chart for her parents and only one parent shows up. I then tested my own family and several others and only on marriage partner shows up.


    So maybe software. I went into out put files and the charts I did late June are all ok. My computer went in to get a new hard drive a week ago. It was ok bit it was on its way out. . I took it in early so a full image of my computer could be put on an external hard drive. My computer tech also did some trouble shooting but I didn't want to be caught with a hard drive crash. In my last clean and maintenance my tech said I may need a new hard drive and he did an image of my computer then.


    Yesterday I went into to a view I had never down before and I couldn't close it. I ended up with lots of messages and still couldn't close it. I tried to use task manager but there were so many files there that I had never heard of. I closed the computer down.


    I went into repair in master Genealogist and it wouldn't repair because the source is not available. I then went

    into another project and it is the same. I guess I will I have to reinstall my programmes?. Will the back ups also contain the problem? The second project will be ok as I haven't used it for a long time.


    Terry I just tried sample family and the same problem.

    Kindest regards

  14. Hi Terry


    Yes Dah!I woke up that they are connected by partner tag and he was not listed in descendant chart at all! .Sorry didn't tell you this. I have changed this to de facto and still not coming out as the father of his 2 children. In the general tab it shows up as de facto and abbreviation as de. and the tag type is "custom". However it seems that the "filter" had been marriage but it was greyed out, Is this the reminder? I get this message that there is no reminder tag when I click on de facto icon in the "tag entry" screen.


    Terry I have to get this correct because I cannot just change one when I eventually print out my descendants chart at the end of each family. I should be able to edit this rather than disconnect and put back in again shouldn't I? . But if I have to I will. The descendancy narrative does not mention the partner either. I used both parents to create the reports. His did not show the partner either.


    So as you say he is not linked. So is all about tag types. I always use partner and it has never been a problem. I just want to add that I don't use the sentence feature. I do this manually when I write my story.

    I have been experimenting but still cannot match them as parents of the two children they have together .This is very strange.

  15. Hi

    I have hundreds of these relationships but descendants charts are clear. Not this one.

    I linked a child to an unmarried mother, originally using her surname.

    The mother then entered into a defacto relationship and had two more children to her partner


    The screen shows this child is the first child and nothing wrong. Yet when I print descendant indented chart she is the last child and there is a small gap in the vertical line. You can hardly see it and now she is showing as the last child. I went through options many times and cant see what I may have accidently changed. I had taken out "unknown spouse".


    I have been trying to recall another incident where I do not have the father (unknowns spouse is not enabled) to replicate this chart but cant think of one. The ones I remember had fathers and the one I remember only had the one child.


    The family now want her to have the same name as the other children but of course this doesn't make any difference unless I relink her - but there should be no need to. I had also sent a descendant narrative where I had not taken out "unknown spouse" so this triggered the request.


    I can probably fix this problem by relinking but there is obviously a problem in my options so it may resolve one family but not others.


    It must be something very simple as I have over 70,000 family members and I have never come across this before.


    Many thanks in anticipation.

  16. I hope someone can help. Using version 8 UK edition I talked about this before but outsourcing now.


    I want to put a simple box chart for every family (chapter) in my book. I have looked at all the free templates etc. Heritage has the style I would like but you have to use the programme. I had one done in excel because I have families with 15-16 children. Also I have families with a few children. I am outsourcing this work because I don't have the skills or time, but have changed my mind about the style.. I need 2.5 - 3cm margins. TMG box chart is the closest to what I want in terms of design. At the end of each chapter I will enclose a descendant chart.




    What skill set should I look for when employing someone to do the charts?. A template may work for some families but I think I will need many done manually for each family. Is this better done in word, excel or graphics?. Who would have the skills to do these quickly? It will be provided to my typesetter as a jpeg file.


    I gave my contractor a family group sheet to work from. This seems to be the best way of providing info.

    Kind regards


  17. I cant see my reply. Yes two colour. Basically I said this is helpful to others. have been in touch with typesetting company and they would rather set the colour and I believe it may change by printer. I will post when I get my examples back to let others know about dpi of the lines. I am sending examples based on the options in TMG.


  18. Thank you so much Virginia. I am sure these links will also help others. I eventually spoke to the company who are doing my typesetting (mine is away). Because I only have two colours she would rather set the colour herself. I was lucky to find a printer who did an extra colour at a much lower cost. However the shades often change at the printing step with a variation of the colour. As for dpi for the lines I have to wait a week. I will post to let others know, as this is something I had never thought about. When I get it back I will know which example was best. I am sending a few based on TMG OPTIONS.

    kind regards