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  1. GEDCOM Export from v8.08 limited to 200 people

    Virginia, Michael, and Vera, Thank you for your advice. You were correct. Dropbox, Backblaze, and McAfee were all running when I was trying to create the GEDCOM file. I stopped all of them (I think McAfee was the offender in my case) and the GEDCOM file was created successfully. I am so appreciative of the expertise that exists for TMG. Thank you all. John
  2. I have used TMG for over 10 years and appreciate the flexibility in entering information and generating reports. For the first time I have tried to export my data to a GEDCOM file. Here is my problem. My file contains 1,231 people according to the Project Summary. I have tried to export to a GEDCOM file using all the default settings of the Wizard and selecting "All People". When the export is running it indicates that it is exporting 1,231 people and 396 families. When I look at the GEDCOM file in a text editor or try a test import back into TMG I only see a file with 200 people. The people that are exported are the first 200 ordered by ID Number. There are no families represented and there are a lot of warning messages about missing sources, which I assume come from the export stopping after a limited number of lines. What might I be doing wrong? Thanks for any help that you can offer.
  3. Thanks for the prompt help, Terry!
  4. I am seeking guidance on the efficient entry of data and common conventions. Here is the situation: I have a German church book, which I have entered as a Source. For a citation detail I have entered a Page number and Entry number for a particular record in the book, and I have an exhibit (scan of the church book page) associated with the citation. I am using a birth church book entry as a source/citation for Birth and Son-Bio tags for both the father and mother. Am I "over citing" by putting a souce/citation with each tag? If not, what is an efficient way to enter the source, citation detail, and exhibit (which are identical for each tag) for the three tags? Now I am entering the data three times, once for each tag, and it is tiresome. I have a lot of births to record. Thanks for any help and suggestions to this inexperienced user.