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  1. Knew I spoke too soon. The repair seemed to work, but when I went to create a gedcom, I was right back where I started before I updated to 8.1. Now the reports and backups work, but I'm getting error messages and the create gedcom fails and locks my computer. I have to use taskmanager to end the TMG program. That was my initial problem to begin with. I've done the updates on both my desktop and netbook with success, but the laptop where I've had all these problems is my primary computer. All are running windows 7. I tried to run the repair again, but the installer is generating an error message and won't complete. I've even tried uninstalling TMG8 and downloaded a whole new startup file and reinstalled it, but the gedcom build is still failing. I know when I uninstalled the program, there were several files left behind in addition to my exhibits, projects and backups. Is it possible something got corrupted in one of them that is preventing a clean new install?
  2. I had found the installer in a hidden file using a search of my C drive, but when I tried to run it, I got an error message and it wouldn't work. I took your suggestion and went and downloaded a whole new 30 day trial file, ran it successfully, did the repair, and now everything seems to working like I expected! Thank you!! Kathy
  3. I have the same problem, but can't locate the installer program to try to "repair" it. I don't seem to find any version of 8.1 to even try to reinstall it. The 8.0 one is in my download folder, but I updated from the "check for updates" and it started the installation process when it said my 8.1 upgrade download was still in the works. A lot of the problems I had with 8.0 seem to be fixed, and it says I am running version 8.1, but I cannot backup anything. I get the same error messages that were described here. How can I get the installer program to try and repair it?