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  1. Version 8?

    Never mind on the mySql, pulled latest docs and see they have resolved most if not all of the bugs which effectly limited Unicode in mySQL. Douglas
  2. Version 8?

    Marcie, There are several freely available databases (besides Oracle) that support Unicode, ODBC and JDBC interfaces, known names like mySQL, PostgrSQL and others. Some of them may also be embedded into the program. since when did mySQL start supporting Unicode?? I had been following Unicode in databases for awhile now and as of 5.0 mySQL didn't support Unicode. But yes there are several other underlying database choices out there, the primary issue is the lack of a Data language that Foxpro offered. Even in the realm of MS you have SQL CE which can be embedded or SQL Server express, which would handle most data sizes that are encountered within TMG. (SQL Server Express has the same limitation on data size that Foxpro has for instance) both are free. In either case moving to a different underlying database would not be a small undertaking. Foxpro also offered its own windowing system. Which some have noted doesn't necessarily follow the underlying changes in the OS or common in usage systems. So replacing Foxpro would be a three fold undertaking. Replacing the language, replacing the windowing system (yes I am aware there are several features in TMG that extend the Foxpro) and replacing the database. (that said Foxpro provides provisions to talk to other databases besides dBase which is the base of the foxpro database system) So in other words a complete rewrite of TMG. (and I can think of much better database interfacing mechanisms than odbc but that is a different topic all together) Douglas