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  1. Out to GED file

    The method that worked for me was this. I added myself to the focus group. Then I added my ancestors. Then I tried to add descendants but nothing happened. Zip. Then I thought okay what if I select all of the focus group individuals first and then add 1 descendants... and that worked perfectly. So that worked. Thanks guys. I wouldn't have figured it out without you. Paul
  2. Out to GED file

    Okay I was thinking of doing it the second way with a list of people and 1 descendant. Here is the situation. When I started my genealogy research some 40 years ago I had a plan in mind. The plan went south but... so I have a database of 66,000 names. Those names are basically all Acadian records from the archives and parish records of the southern part of the province in New Brunswick, Canada. So far so good. My genealogy is within it. Also so far so good. I have noble families. Not so good because they go way way back. So I tried the first way with the project explorer but I found that even selecting all of them didn't get them all. The reason was I had to open each of the collapsed families to select them. Otherwise the main families were selected but not the children. No way I was going to open up 3000 individuals and click each one... yup... you heard it right. So I was playing around with a whole bunch of different things and then I crashed the database. I restored it from backup. I lost a bit of stuff but basically everything is okay. So I was kind of leery about trying that again. Weird stuff kept happening until I simply gave up and restored the backup. Now the first thing I tried was what Doris said. I did a list of people and ran the GED from that. I did a simple list of people who were ancestors of mine. But it didn't get the children of the families I wanted. I couldn't figure that part out. Then I tried the project explorer and select all of them but that didn't work either and I crashed the database somehow. Tomorrow I will give the Focus group a try. And let you know how I make out. I thought of the 1 descendant option a day ago but didn't think it could be that simple so I didn't try it. Paul
  3. Out to GED file

    I need to output a GED file of a family including all the children for each ancestor. But I cannot figure out how to do that easily. Is there a way to do that? In other words I want to output a piece of the database for one person's ancestry but including all his children, and all his ancestor's complete family including their children. I haven't figure out a way to do that yet. Paul
  4. Several weeks ago I had an problem where the tag for birth changed to baptism. And I changed it back to birth in the master list. However now the reports are using baptised instead of births in the reports. I have no clue why the original problem started but now I need to get this fixed as I have a huge project on the go. Is there a way to reset the master list of tags so that this stops happening? Paul
  5. I have inputted quite a number of parish records in my area into TMG V7.0. I have given each parish record a citation (source #). I would like to do a search on source numbers (the parish records) to output family group sheets for those people that have a marriage tag and a source number corresponding to the parish records I have inputted. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to do it. I know I can get sort of a list of people in List of Citations... however that doesn't exactly give me what I want. I realise now that maybe reference would have been a better choice... but since I have a lot of data... and I mean several thousand entries per parish record I would rather not have to go back and input a reference for each of them... So what can I do? I am sure there is a way. I am not sure why that the set of search items in List of Citations doesn't correspond to the list in the Family Group Sheet... or am I the only one to have tried this? Paul Leger