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  1. Virginia, Thanks for the suggestions but nothing worked. But, I tried again today and realized there was also a printer properties in the report definition screen. I had checked the windows setting and the settings from the printer print screen, but checking the preferences in the report definition screen held the portrait/letter setting. So had least I have a work around now. Thanks for you help Patt
  2. Hi, I'm having problems getting a FGS to print because of paper size & orintation problems. It was suggested on the TMG list to change the printing settings before opening TMG. What I've done is. Open devices and printers, right click on my default printer (an HP laser printer), select printing preferences. It shows letter size paper and portrait orientation Open TMG check printer setup. It shows letter size paper and portrait orientation. Select FGS report, create report, click print. I then check preferences which shows paper size A4 and landscape orientation. Does anybody have any ideas of what I can do? Patt Ricketts
  3. Virginia, I guess your saying this is the way its supposed to work, which is what my question was. I know I can edit the boxes, but it seemed to me that the mother should always go in the mother's position. Next time I generate this chart I'll know to edit it. Patt
  4. On Barbara's person view her father is empty as I haven't entered anything for him. And Brigitta is shown in the mother's slot. Her father will never be known as her birth, marriage and death records all show her as the illigimate daughter of Brigitta. Patt
  5. I'm not sure if this is the way it supposed to be. I've attached an example (I hope I did it right) Barbara Theresia Maes is in the 2nd generation. She is the daughter of Brigitta Maes and an unknown father. Her mother is correctly shown as female. But, she is printing in what I think of as the male position. Is this the way it is supposed to work? Patt Ricketts
  6. Pedigree Booklets

    Patt’s pedigree booklet These are the basic steps. I hope I’ve not forgotten anything important. It was quite a long time ago that I set this up. After generating the charts it does require you to do some customization. First you need to create the report templates. They are Ancestor Box charts Ancestor Chart booklet left (this is the left side of the 1st 2 pages of the booklet) Chart style: right to left max generations 4 I don’t change the title as I customize it after I generate the chart. Boxes: width 140 (I think I changed this so it would fit on the page properly) box fill color white box border white frame - other file - I used starsgold (under fancy frames) Lines & Text - I doubt that I changed background - solid - white I have image off at this is a research tool for me data types are up to you Other is also up to you. Although, blanks for missing dates is nice so you can write in your findings. Generate the chart and see if you like it. You want to make sure you got all the data you want on the finished booklet Once you have what you want, you can make the customizations. On the 4th generation boxes you need to add the continued info. Right click on the box, and add line to box. Right click on the box again and select detail properties. Go to the bottom of the list and select Text (New Line) Select Properties and then text. Type in the box: Continued on page 1 (for top box) (I then copy “Continued on page” so I can paste it on each of the next boxes and just have to add the appropriate number) After you finish adding the extra line you’re going to have to adjust the spacing on the boxes to adjust for the extra line. Next you create the 2nd template. Use the first template and go to the options and change Box to left to right. And save this as: Ancestor Chart Booklet right (this is the right side of the 1st 2 pages) Generate the chart and add the extra lines to the 4th generation and customize your title. The last template you need is a blank chart. Open Ancestor Chart right and go to options. On the bottom left of chart style, select blank chart. Click ok and save this as Ancestor chart booklet right blank. Generate this chart and save it as a Blank chart. (Note you can save them with any name, but these were the names I used) If you make any changes to the templates be sure and change the other templates. Use the booklet right chart to generate all the continued on pages. When you have a line that ends before the 4th generation you use the blank chart to fill in the spaces. Open the blank chart you saved. Select the missing selections you need to add to your chart and copy them and paste them on the booklet chart. I find it easiest to select the section I need and right click on the selection and select group. I use the title to create the page number on the 1st continued chart. I note where it is and then copy and paste that on the other pages. I know this sounds like a lot of work. But once you have it you only have replace pages you find new info for. If you only want to replace info on one person you can generate a new chart and copy and paste the one box onto a previously saved page. I hope this helps any interested people Patt
  7. I use the highlighter for my census exhibits. Many of the census' are not straight so I have to highlight in sections. For each section I have to re-select the highlight tool. I wish that the tool would remain selected until I select a different tool. Thanks for any consideration Patt Ricketts
  8. Hi, I have a role in my birth tag that reads: Another source says [RP:Antoher Source] was born <[D]> <[L]> The output I'm getting is: Another source says he/she was born circa 1791 at Kingsbury, Washington County, New York. I was the output: Another source says he was born circa 1791 at Kingsbury, Washington County, New York I have checked the person sex is male. I have optimized and validated file performance. This happens on more than one individual. This is not a new role and I don't remember having this problem before. I tried on the TMG list but no one has come up with a solution. What am I doing wrong? Patt Ricketts
  9. World War I Draft Cards

    Theresa, I also have sentences but mine are much more basic than yours. Draft WW1: During World War I [PF] registered for the draft <on [D]> <[L]>. <[M1]> The memo contains his description, etc. e.g. He was described as medium in height and build with blue eyes and brown hair. His listed nearest relative as his wife, Ann Smith. He did not claim an exemption. I also have a role for the relative who I enter as a witness [P1] listed <[WM2],> <[W]> <[WM1]> as his nearest relative on his World War I draft registration <dated [D]> <[L]> <[M0]> WM1 is the address of the person, WM2 is the relationship. I listed the relationship second as generally the relationship isn't given. Patt Ricketts
  10. Wishlist for exhibits

    Jim, Thank you, thank you, thank you (and the devolopers)!!!!!! When I didn't see it on the change log, I didn't think to look further. Patt
  11. I take my laptop with me whenever I travel. But the hard drive is not big enough for my exhibits. But when I visit relatives I try to scan photos etc and don't want to scan what I've already scanned. Version 6 used the thumbnails to display an image even though the actual exhibit was not present. I understand why this was changed in version 7. As John Cardinal explained he spent a lot of time troubleshooting problems. However, Jim Byram has said that even though they are not displayed on my laptop the thumbnail file is there. I would like someway to display these thumbnails. To prevent the problem John Cardinal had there could be a disclaimer to activate the thumbnail display or perhaps a small frowny face on the thumbnail display. I hope you'll take this in consideration for a future update. Patt Ricketts
  12. Exhibit Thumbnails

    I'm looking at my laptop and didn't change anything from v6. I haven't done anything that I know to turn off the thumbnails and I haven't optomized on the laptop. Under current project, advanced save image thumbnails is checked, use thumbnail for image window is checked. Is there any place else I should look? Patt
  13. Exhibit Thumbnails

    Jim, The frowning face is gone but I still can't see an image. It looks like have of an envelope, but not the thumbnail. Patt
  14. Exhibit Thumbnails

    Jim, Do I keep the extension as ".txt" or do I use the same extension as on the image file Patt