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  1. Thanks once more Virginia, I do follow up all your tips and find them very useful. I see what you suggest re spouses and that certainly does help. Pity one needs to visit each and every spouse in the chart (in VCF) and fiddle around to accomplish this but it does do the trick. thanks a lot Roger
  2. One final (I think) Descendent Chart question re Spouses I now have my much compressed L-R Descendant Chart pretty well prepared . . . . but I have one final question I hope the more experienced forum members can help with. I must say that I am not really happy with the way in which a spouse is handled. To a novice eye it looks like a descendent at first glance and then with it's separate offset box it takes up precious space in both dimensions. I feel sure this criticism must have been aired before. Has anyone got an alternative approach to the display of spouse that I can consider? thanks Roger
  3. Thanks Mike . . . I've got there now . . . . . So end of thread I think. thanks everyone Roger
  4. Hi Virginia thanks for trying to help me. I'm happy with everything I'm doing here and think Terry Tips will sort out my VCF edit problems. At present my remaining question is "I did see the Lifespan option and ticked the year to year option box but when I saw nothing appear on the chart sort of forgot about it. What else do I need to do to get it into the chart?? " Any guidance I can get on that particualr point much appreciated. thanks again Roger Sorry Virginia I now see you already said you don't know why the Lifespan data failed to appear. Guess I will wait to see if anyone else can make a suggestion. OK I've found out what to do now. So end of thread I think. thanks everyone Roger
  5. The full story on page, box font size is a bit longwinded (yes it's L-R) but it's not that I've got problems with. I think Terry's Tips might sort me out . . . but can you help further re that Lifespam option question?
  6. Humm, just taken a quick look Terry . . .thank you for pointing me in that direction. I will go read carefully. No doubt it will sort me out. thanks Rogert
  7. That's quick Virginia . . . it's Descendant Chart with just 8 generations and all I want in the "box" is name, birth and death year (to economise on space). I did see the Lifespan option and ticked the option box but when I saw nothing appear on the chart sort of forgot about it. What else do I need to do to get in into the chart?? thanks for help Roger
  8. I've got here VCF 3.2 and (for the first time) I 'm trying to construct a chart with a small (limited) physical size. I've scaled back font sizes and box sizes as far as I can when generating the chart in TMG and am trying to tighten things up further in VCF. My first problem was that TMG insists on putting birth and death data on seperate lines when (using year alone) it could have conveniently gone onto one; but I found no way to achieve that. Then I have found that whenever I try to nudge or reposition a box the VCF generation link lines failed to auto adjust! How useless is that? Am I missing something here? slightly frustrated Roger
  9. I have just attempted to save a report to file and met the following:- WordPort Spawned Error (window) ! when above cleared the TMG window reads "Conversion error #20 Unknown error, contact tech support" I am running Windows 7 64 bit. This happened with any word .doc save and also with rtf. Maybe more but I didn't try all. I did get a good save with ANSI text. Is this a known bug, is there a workaround? rgds Roger
  10. Hello Terry, I saw you were watching and hoped you would jump in quick . . . before I went too far down the wrong road. You don't say what types of reports you are trying to use, but I assume it's some type of ancestor or descendant chart or report. For all of them, you select only the starting person in the report definition, then specify the number of generations and other options, and the report then figures out who to include. I was trying a variety of reports but none were not reacting as I hoped When you select a group of people, as you have done, you are really specifying a number of reports, each starting with one of the people you have selected. You need to select the desired starting person, and then use other means to limit who is included. The basic way is to set the number of generations to the desired number. If that doesn't do what you want, you need to take additional steps. On way is to make a parent/child relationship tag non-primary, which will break that line and that point and cut off that person and any ancestors/descendants. OK got that but it's the following situation I'm in To deal with more complex situations, you can use the flag you have in a filter in the List of People report, and set the Secondary output to copy those people to a temporary Project or Data Set. Then run your report from it - since it includes only those you want in the report, everyone else will be omitted. Humm does indeed sound more complex . . . . I will re think what I am trying achieve Terry. If you are trying to use some other type of report, please tell us what you are using and more specifically what is failing. I think I'll choose the report which best covers my requirements and then simply edit out those people I don't want to show. OK Terry I've got my answer thanks. . .Roger
  11. I am trying to produce a Report for a select group of individuals. I have set a unique flag to indicate which people I want then used Project Explorer filters to find and show the people with my flag set (which works). Back on the Report Definition screen I then check the box marked "Selected people on Project Explorer" I was expecting my reports to show only (and all) the people "selected on Project Explorer" but I regularly see more or even less depending on the report type selected. Am I doing something wrong? or is this not the right way to go about things? thanks Roger
  12. Sentence Sequencing

    Thanks for a quick response Terry. Message understood I can work on nicely now. thanks Roger
  13. Sentence Sequencing

    I have another rather basic question (sorry). But what is it that determines the sequence of tag related sentences in a narrative report. Say, for example that I want to ensure Census information is always shown last. thanks Roger
  14. TAG Sentences

    I just knew I was going down the wrong path Jim. Thanks a lot I'm sorted out now. rgds Roger
  15. TAG Sentences

    Thanks Jim . . . On Tag Type Def "General" screen I am offered "default styles" of "Use Dat Set defualt stye" or "US Standard Place " or "UK Standard Place". No matter what I set that to when I go to "Roles & Sentences" the edit box is greyed out and I cannot even put a curser into the sentence structure box. Roger