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  1. MS Word task report with thousands of pages

    I would very much like to thank Dorothy at Wholly Genes for helping me with the report problem. She explained to me how to reset the report configuration. It fixed the problem and now I can send my task reports to MS Word and get reasonable results. Reset report configuration: click on the reset defaults button on the report definition Screen Thanks again, Marilyn
  2. MS Word task report with thousands of pages

    My purpose for posting here is to at first, no one replied to me on the list. Also I wanted to be sure the company knew about this problem so it could be fixed. The time you were trying to see my message was my 2nd post. I was able to start a new browser, come to this site several times and view it all day and all evening long..... not sure why the rest of you couldn't. Also, Virginia's work around will be fine for what I need. If you notice I did state that "Also, I get thousands of pages if I just do a report of tasks and no filter......." I have never changed anything in the "report definitions" for any report. What is happening is based on what came with the product. If the report definition that came with the product is bad, then Wholly Genes shoud provide a note about that with directions to fix it maually if that is possible. Dp these things get corrupted? Why would I need a clean slate if I never messed with anything in that section? I did not know about this. Someone on the list asked what format I used for my messages here that did not post....... Can there be more than one? I typed into this box that is provided by the forum, and pressed the button......
  3. [ Really?? this is the 3rd time I am posting this because someone named Jim Byram says he could not read it and then he deleted it... Is the system always reindexing when I post something??? Well, all day yesterday, I could read it everytime I logged in. Also, I saw that it had 51 views..... Wonder why it keeps getting deleted and not answered???? I also called yesterday and left a message and no one has returned my call??] MY TMG problem I'm trying to generate a MS Word file with a list of tasks report with the keyword "census." When I make it a pdf file, it is 5 pages. When I make it in MS Word, it is over 3000 pages??????? I can't edit a pdf file and do not want a txt file. In the process, the filter progress states there are 48 instances of tasks with the keyword "census." TMG has found the word "census" in the "Keyword" field in 48 of my tasks. I used this field purposely to be able to filter my tasks. In the Word file, The data is repeated over and over and over again. TMG is repeatedly spitting out the 48 tasks at least 1000 times into a Word file!!!!! Therefore I get a Word file that is over 3000 pages long. Also, I get thousands of pages if I just do a report of tasks and no filter....... Interestingly, in the MS Word file with thousands of pages, if I edit an item, it is edited in every instance thoughout the document..... It is practically impossible to edit this file. This does not happen if I do a different type of report. such as a MS Word report of Citations based on the source number. Nothing is repeated in this output. I'm using Windows Vista, Word 2007, TMG v8.08 I searched the archives and don't seem to find this.....
  4. Thanks for the idea Michael! For now, I have retyped each call number into the beginning of the comment field and will use the TMG Utility Export sources feature to get what I need. I'll look into other options too. Maybe we'll get more flexibility before we know it..... Marilyn
  5. Thanks for your tips and help John, I'll look into the XSL for an alphabetical listing. As to the Call Number, yes, it is with the Repository info. But that is a key piece of data that I need at a library. The TMG Utility is cool so far. My approach to reports is to determine the purpose or how it will/can be used. A list of everything in the sources is great to review/document what has been entered. Although I would still like to review that I have all of the repositories and call numbers correctly listed with my sources. But, when doing research, at a library or other "Repository," in a report, I need some source data along with repository data. So, I guess I would like to see perhaps a "research report" that would include Source name, author, call number, and complete comments. Gee, in the long run, since I have added state and county as fields in my sources, I would also like to be able to get a "Research report" that I could sort by state, country, and/or county. (depending on my library goals for the trip) There is a lot of flexibility for sorting genealogy programs based on the people. But they have been lacking in the Source area. Now, they seem to be getting better about the format flexibility when citing sources for output, BUT there is more that could be done to help with the sources/tasks for when we are actually doing the research. I wonder if source reports could get as flexible as people reports....... 1 - do not limit field length, not only comment, but I could not get the complete comment when I changed a bibliography sentence to include it..... I guess it's field was limited too 2 - have one more sentence, besides the bibliograhy, to format the output for a "research report". This way I do not have to mess up my biblio sentences and can pull in the call number from the repository data. Thanks again and have a good day! Marilyn
  6. Thanks John, This helps a bit for now..... I had tried the "Make Source Page" with TMG Utility and it did not have enough data. I missed the Export feature you mentioned. The Export Data does get me a list of all the sources with the complete "Comment" field and much more than I need. But, the sources are in numerical not alphbetical order...... And, the call number is not inclueded. I entered this in the field with the repository. I guess I could move this somewhere else.... 200+ sources..... I guess I could write some code to rearrange the report using the XML output for now...... or get it into a spread sheet..... to get alphabetical order and eliminate what I don't want to save on paper. For the future it would really be great if someone could tweak the TMG code to allow printing of the complete "Comment" field. The report options are so much more flexible in the program...... Thanks again, Marilyn
  7. Please, in a "List of Sources" Report, I would like to be able to print more than 254 characters in the column for the comment field. It seems to me that the column length for the comment field is limited somewhere in theTMG code. Could you please make this unlimited or drastically increase the limit. Whenever I enter a column width over 254, my data is cut off at the same point. Also, when I go back into the report setup, the column width has been reset to 254, even if I have "saved the settings." I am using ASCII text for my printout. I have over 200 sources and over 3000 people so far. I need help when I go to the libraries…… I don't always want to drag my computer along. A print out would work fine….. Is there some way to get a list of sources now that is alphabetical by title, with the author, call number, and everything I have typed into the comment field?</SPAN> </SPAN> At the library, in my printed listing of sources (alphabetical by title), besides the book title, author, and call number, I would like to have a list of A- the pages that I have already copied, and B - surnames that I found in the book with the relevant page numbers I have been recording this information using the "Comment field" on the "Supplemental" page for each of my sources to accomplish this purpose. I have also added any other relative notes for that source in the comment field The reason I want to have this info with me at the library is because A - I am tired of making copies of pages that I already have, and B - when I am checking or rechecking a book, I want to know what surnames I have already found in that book and what pages the surname was on. C - Also, when I am reviewing my documentation or come up with a new person to look for, I want to know if I have the copy in my images files or papers and can find it here at home, or if it is time for another trip to the library. I did notice that when I do a "Report," "List of Tasks," the complete comment field IS printed out. But, the sources are not alphabetical, it prints multiple sources for multiple tasks per source, does not list the call numbers, and I do not have tasks for every source. So, I see that somehow it is possible to print the complete comment field… but not in the list of sources. Thank you, Marilyn