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  1. A recent problem has emerged. When I attempt to add an exhibit, a popup window appears with the text: “Memo file z:\documents\the master genealogist v9\slideshow\slidest.fpt is missing or is invalid.”. After much fussing about, I decided to reinstall TMG 9.05. The problem did not go away. Regards….David Walker
  2. "slides.fpt missing or invalid"

    Thanks, Jim. Now all is well.
  3. Corrupt .fpt file

    I have a project that reports a corrupted file, name_l.fpt, when I attempt to run VFI following Optimize. TMG hangs and I have to use Force Quit to exit. Also, Second Site reports a read error for the same file when attempting to build the site - that was the first clue. Regards…..David Walker
  4. Corrupt .fpt file

    There is nothing in the Research Log file. This data file is small, with only 244 people. Shall I send you the .sqz file?