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  1. Citation reference numbers

    Can I use numeric numbers instead of Roman numbering system, I have mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmcx and it makes the jounral report ugly looking
  2. TMG 8.08 Loads my project very slowly

    Hello All, Can you advise how you found this damaged TSENTENCE within a project? I am also having some issues with my project that is 2GB in Size(600,000 Names) and its very slow when I click on something within the program(Click PICKLIST of people could take 5-10 mins to populate.) Windows 7 Core i7 4GB RAM 240 SSD
  3. Gedcom Export with hidden data

    I have 120,000 people in the database, but need to hide data on about 20 living persons
  4. Is it possibble to mark people or tags private before creating a Gedcom so that some data cannot be displayed when uploaded to the internet. I know about supressing data on the living, that's not what I'm after.
  5. Printing Exhibits

    Yes, 3" x 6.5" at the moment
  6. Printing Exhibits

    When I print a report (Journal) to PDF I only get a small portion of the image the width of the page 8.5" like you are zoom way in to close.
  7. Journal Report

    I use the UK version. In the journal report when a spouse is introduced I want the spouses report to print spouse data birth date & place, Parents, death date & place as in the Ultimate Family Tree. 9. John Charles2 REID (Timothy1) was born at Canadian Labrador, Canada April 22, 1864. The birth date was taken from the bible of Timothy REID, now owned by Irvine REID of Norris Point, Bonne Bay, Newfoundland, CANADA. The following statement is listed in the bible; Timothy READ from A.S.H. Poole, England, 1844. From the front of the bible and on the bottom of the page is the following; Diamond Twenty-Fours M.DCCC.XL; M.DCCC.XL equals 1840. John died July 7, 1941 at Neddie's Harbour, Bonne Bay, District of St. Barbe, Newfoundland, at age 77. Hisbody was interred after July 7, 1941 in Norris Point, Newfoundland. He married Frances HANN August 12, 1898 at Woody Point, Bonne Bay, Disrtict of St. Barbe, Newfoundland. Entry No. 204 - Marriage solemnized in the Church of the Epiphany, Bonne Bay in the Diocese of Newfoundland, August 12, 1898, John Charles REID, age 32, bachelor and fisherman of Cleopatra Cove, son of Timothy REID, fisherman and Frances HANN, age 29, spinster of Seal Cove, daughter of Thomas HANN. Married in the aforementioned Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of England, by me Charles W. HOLLANDS (Priest). This marriage was solemnized between us: his mark of X John Charles REID & Frances HANN. In the presence of us: his mark of X Moses REID, Melisa A. REID. Frances was born 1868 at Seal Cove, Bonne Bay, District of St. Barbe, Newfoundland. Frances was the daughter of Thomas HANNand Susannah TILLER. Frances died August 3, 1908 at Neddie's Harbour, Bonne Bay, District of St. Barbe, Newfoundland, at age 40. Her body was interred after August 3, 1908 in Norris Point, Newfoundland. John Charles REID and Frances HANN had the following family: 31 i. Masie Olive3 REIDwas born at Neddie's Harbour, Bonne Bay, District of St. Barbe, Newfoundland March 3, 1899. The birth date was taken from the bible of Timothy REID,
  8. Source Types TMG v8

    Thank you, just what I was looking for, Sandy
  9. Source Types TMG v8

    I need more source type templates to be added in order to create new sources without losing ES Mills style
  10. Source Types TMG v8

    I am using source categories by E S Mills, are there more Source Types that can be imported, as I cannot create others. There are a number of source categories that Mills have on Quick Sheets "Citing Online Historical Resources" & "Citing Ancestry.com Databases & Images." As I find the ones that are included with TMG v8 are not adequate for online citing.
  11. I have a large database and I know that this will slow the reponse time of commands, to find someome in the picklist if I type a search name it is quit a wait for the key strokes to respond as compared to other programs where it would be instant. I aslo know I can disable item/features to improve proformance. The question, is this due to the makeup of the programming of the software, if so what are the differences? I want to understand this before I purchase a new faster computer at 2/3 K. Sandy
  12. TMG version 8 (Update information)

    Any hope of having v8 for Xmas Sandy
  13. Memo Field - Changing word font

    Thanks, I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything about the font style, will work away 'til next version.
  14. How do you change font style in memo field, arie, time new roman, etc
  15. TMG 7.04 Tag Event

    A while back I was wondering about the possibility of setting up a migration tag that allows one to enter the from location and the to location and some users were using two tags for this event. I have since learned that using 2 tags is the only route to go as other events can occur between the departure and arrival dates, such as events on the ship as a marriage, death, birth, job hire etc. By using the 2 tags for departure and arrival allows the events to remain in date order as a number of events can happen before the arrival