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  1. Virginia, The blue circle in windows 7 replace the hourglass as Jim indicates well. Did exactly what you told me and what is shown in the video. I installed the program on another computer in network (XP) loaded the data I gave in already and there the charts work perfect. So I loaded the VC2 chart I saved from the XP computer to the Windows 7 computer. I opened it in the VCF and what I see then is completely different from what I saw on the XP computer. Some names are invisible, some data is missing, eg. So this means that there is defenetly something wrong with the connection between TMG and VCF and with the VCF itself. Or there is a problem with the programm I downloaded (when I originally installed the program the tags weren't working and I had to reinstall) or it's a problem wit VCF and windows 7 ultimate 64bits. Gonna reinstall the program and see if it works this time. Let you know if it works then. Paul
  2. Virginia, Just bought the programm. So do not have that much data put in yet. Now I noticed if I take the person, with whom I can make the largest chart, the blue circle that pops up up when he is waiting for a chart to open, works. So this means it regenerates data but VCF doesn't open or the data isn't send to VCF. So thanks for trying to help me out, looking for anyone who experienced the same problem. Is there anyone who runs TMG on window 7 , 64 bits and has no problems with the BOX charts ? Paul
  3. Virginia, At First thought it was removed, but I found now where the topic had gone to. I was doing exactly what u told me. Set it back on default and set to view in visual chart form. Just like I do when I make a report like Journal report which opens in PDF. When I do it with all Box chart reports that should give preview in VCF nothing happens. Don't think anything is blocking VCF, I even set off my virusscanner. Indeed just like connection between programm and VCF is blocked. Do I have to install VCF as a printer somewhere in TMG to make a preview ? regards, Paul
  4. OK. Thanks for the reply. So, I still don't know then why the VCF charts are not working. Any more suggestions ?
  5. Hi Virginia, Thank you for your quick reaction. I did what u proposed, still the same. Meanwhile I got an email from Wholly Genes and they tell me that there is a bug. With a 64bits operating system, which I have, reports aren't send to a word processor. They expect the problem to be fixed soon. If this is the reason I might have to wait until they fixed the problem. Paul Select the Ancestor Box Chart report and use the Delete button under the Configuration name to restore the default report definition. The Chart Destination should be set to 'View in Visual Chartform' Make no other changes. Click' Create Chart' Does anything happen at this point? Virginia
  6. Hi, I am an new user of TMG. Have the UK version and windows 7. I can make normal reports, preview and print them, I cannot make CHART reports. I am unable to save them and unable to view in Visual Chartform. Even if I make an empty file in VCF itself and save it, and then go back and try to make a report and overwrite the existing empty file, the file is gone. Can anyone help me out ?