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  1. It seems I am WAY overdue to buy some new software. I created FindAGrave entries and love to research, so I make a family tree entry for each person I find and their extended families. Hence, I have over 190,000 people in my tree. You would be surprised how often they hook together from different regions of the country. So I like the fact that TMG can accept a lot of entries. For my own family, I like the fact that I can create focus groups. I haven't used the DNA feature, but I plan to try it in the future. Can anyone recommend software that accepts a transfer from TMG well? Thanks. Tracy
  2. Registration Data is Invalid

    You'll think I'm crazy. I went to a previous version on TMG on an old laptop and navigated to "About" and used that serial number and it worked. Not sure when it changed..... Thanks for the help I received. I use this software a LOT, so I guess it is time to buy some new software. I'll open a new thread for that. Happy researching everyone!! Tracy
  3. Thanks Michael. 32 digits it is. I'm waiting for a previous computer to install its updates so I can take a look and see what serial number that installation is using. Appreciate the help. Tracy
  4. The error message is that the "Registration Data is Invalid" when I rebooted my computer (sometimes it tells me I need to unlock on a reboot, sometimes not). I've always used the same serial # and other like name and email address and it has worked. Am I totally stuck? Will I never be able to use this software again? Thanks for any help. Tracy
  5. Hello Michael, I have the original email stating what to enter including my email address, which hasn't changed. One weird thing. When I insert the serial number, the cursor goes to the penultimate character in the serial number. As though the serial number is too long for the spot.... The cursor will not stay at the end of the entered serial number. Thanks for your help. Tracy
  6. The error message I'm getting is: When I run as administrator, the correct serial number shows on the screen before it opens TMG in read-only. When I run as myself the same screen pops up and shows the trial version of the serial number. Either way I still get the read-only version. When I've had the re-enter serial number issue on reboot in the past it always worked to input the serial number from the 2010 email from Wholly Genes. Where is it checking to verify the serial number? Does it try to validate to a wholly genes server which may not be available now? I even manually typed in the serial number.
  7. Sometimes when I reboot my computer I have to re-enter the serial number as the software can't seem to remember it. I purchased this back in about 2010. I have the email giving me the serial number and it isn't working this time. When I send email to support@whollygenes.com it tells me " <support@whollygenes.com>: maildrop: maildir over quota. maildrop: maildir over quota. Any ideas? Thanks. Tracy
  8. If I select the individual person in TMG 7.04, then click on their name, then click on the citation, I receive a popup screen with the label "OpenCurPrinter: Canon MP990 series printer, port: Ne02:, driver: wins......" (this is my printer) Inside the popup box it says "error initializing printer." When I click OK a new popup box appears with the label "CreateOneFont(b)" and the statement "error creating font." When I click ok the same box appears three times. Once they are all closed I can proceed normally. I have never printed from this program and have been using it for some time. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Tracy
  9. Virginia - just wanted to let you know it worked! I can't be 100 percent sure everyone is there, but the file is larger than the one in January and recently added people are complete. Thanks very much for your quick assistance. Tracy
  10. Thank you Virginia. I'll give it a try now. My anti-virus was updating this morning when I started at least one of the 1kb attempts. Tracy
  11. Hello, My TMG 7.04 silver database contains 92,720 people with citations. On previous gedcom exports I would always check the completed export file size to be sure that it was bigger than the previous file before I uploaded it as occasionally I've had trouble. A couple of days ago I decided to update the January 2014 version of my online file, so I ran export. The file size was smaller than the Jan 2014 file, so I ran it again. The next gedcom file came out slightly larger, but still not larger than the January file, indicating that something was wrong and verified by looking at the file on rootsweb.com. So yesterday I ran export again twice (yes, I must be crazy to do it again and again) and the file sizes were 1 kb. Today I ran it twice and I'm getting zero size files and it running light lightning. Will an upgrade correct this problem? Is there something else I'm doing wrong. I'm not changing the default settings except to check the "export citation" field. The "suppress info for living" is unchecked. HP laptop with Windows 7. Thanks. Tracy Tallman
  12. Slow import from FTM

    Thanks Jim. I didn't look back and didn't realize anyone had answered. It took two weeks to import the 2008/2009 file and now I have my sources. However, when I export a gedcom to rootsweb the titles of the source citations appear, but not the detail. In other words, the file shows the title of the census page, but not the information I transcribed from the census. I'm learning the program slowly and am enjoying it... Thanks. Tracy
  13. Slow import from FTM

    I didn't read this and used my FTM 2010 file to import, but didn't get the sources. It took two weeks to import 69,000 people. Any idea how long it will take to import those 69,000 with the sources? Thanks. Tracy