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  1. How do I Report/Output Specific Tags for People

    Hi Angela - yes you can output the report as a print out or to excel - The way I set the census flag is : go to the person you want, then click on the flags button on the tool bar - this brings up another window with all the flags showing, then double click on the flag you want to change and it opens the edit flag window - just click on the value you want. If you need any help with the report I created please email me bob.hammersley@hammersley.co.uk and I'll try to help.
  2. How do I Report/Output Specific Tags for People

    Sorry I haven't replied before but I've been away for a few days. Thank you everyone for your replies - some (to me ) very clever stuff. I have built on various bits and managed to produce a report that was exactly what I had in mind - but I'm sure there is a more efficient way to do it. For each person I set the census flags (for cen1841,cen1851 etc) to its appropriate value Y,N or X for not alive. I then ran the list of events report outputting Prin1 ID,Prin1 Given Last, Prin1 Cen1841#1flag,Prin1 Cen1851#1flag etc for each census, this output the columns that I wanted but repeated it for each event assigned to a person! My brain being weary I couldn't work out how to restrict it to just one event that everyone would have (I tried birth but still got multiple lines for some people) so I created a tag type called centag and assigned it to everyone. I then filtered by tag type / label / equals / centag which produced exactly what I wanted as below ID---- Name-------------------------- 1841------ 1851------ 1861------ 1871------ 1881------ 1891------ 28 Eliza Cordell -------------------------Y ----------Y ----------Y --------N ----------Y ---------N 27 Francis Billam Hammersley ------------N ----------Y ----------Y --------Y ----------Y ---------X 29 Francis Joseph Hammersley -----------N ----------Y ----------Y --------N ----------N--------- N 37 Henri Billham Hammersley -------------X ----------X ----------X --------N ----------N ---------Y As I say, I'm sure you will be able to do this much more efficiently but once again thanks for all your help I wouldn't have had a clue without all your great ideas. Sorry if the report gets out of line during posting but it does work in tmg - honest!
  3. I use the UK gold edition. I have created tags for each census e.g. 1841, 1851 etc and have called them Census1841 Census1851 ....they are in the tag group "other" and I have assigned these to people as I have found them on the census. I have reached the stage where I would like to create a report (or output to an xls file) that lists all the people in my project in alphabetical order and shows which of the census tags have been assigned to them. The idea behind this is that it will then be easy to work out which people in which census I still need to find - or is there another way to achieve this end? I have spent some time playing with the report writer but haven't come up with a way to do it. I am fairly new to TMG so please forgive me if this is an obvious/silly question but I would be grateful for any help. Thanks