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  1. Is there a way to edit the recently opened files list when you click on "File"? I have two files with extremely long path and file names that I don't need to open up again that show up and I'd like to delete those from the list so the width of that pull down screen isn't so wide. I'm assuming I need to edit a particular information file but I don't want to just randomly start opening up files to edit.


    Thanks for any help that you might have to offer.







  2. I have two Macs (one a desktop and one a laptop) and run TMG (9.05) in a Parallels virtual machine. Lately the portable Seagate external drive I have my TMG data on does not show up as a drive in Windows 7, however it does show up in Mac OS. Before this was not a problem. I'm not sure if an update to the Mac OS (10.11.6), or an update to Parallels (11.2.0) created this issue, but whatever cause, I can't access my TMG data through TMG on either the desktop or laptop Macs.


    Anyone have a solution to getting that drive to show up in the virtual Windows side of things? Thanks in advance to any suggestions.



  3. I had a licensed copy TMG v. 9.03 that I downloaded from Wholly Genes installed on my computer, however my computer's hard drive crashed, taking the program and the install file with it. Is there somewhere I can find the install file for 9.03? I have seen the v 9.05 install file on this forum, but I'm reluctant to install that because doesn't that take a different key to unlock than 9.03?







  4. While Terry and Michael are sticking with TMG, I'd suggest at least looking at the other options that are currently available. I have two issues that I'd like to address at the same time. The first is TMG is no longer being actively supported, yes there are those who are willing to help, but no more improvements or upgrades are forthcoming. And secondly I switched from a Windows running PC to a Mac a few years ago and would like to find a genealogy program that is native to the Mac.


    Terry and Michael are right, there is no other program out there that has the same capabilities as TMG. So which ever way you go you may lose some capability you are use to with TMG (I say may because TMG was features that I never have used and suspect you might not use them either).


    The other big issue is transferring your TMG data over to another program. I have over 97,700 people, 34,200 families, 138,000 different events, nearly 10,000 distinct locations, over 3,000 exhibits and 48,000 citations in my database. That would take a lifetime to re-enter everything by hand, and nearly a lifetime to verify that everything transferred over correctly by using a GEDCOM transfer. The third, and I think the best way, to transfer your data is to find a program that can read the TMG data directly, however there aren't that many that can.


    One program that can read directly is RootsMagic 6.x or higher. The latest version of RootsMagic is 7.0.5. Yesterday I transferred my TMG data over to RootsMagic 7. I haven't had a lot of time verifying that everything transferred correctly, but what I have checked looks okay. I did not clean up my data beforehand.


    There are several things I don't like about RootsMagic (RM). But the most obvious problem is in TMG I have the program set up so I can see the details of the person in one window and in other windows see that persons siblings in a second window and their children in a third window. I haven't seen a way to get RM to do the same. To see all that information I can see at a glance in TMG I need to cycle through several different tabs in RM. The other problem I have with RM is that is a Windows based program so I have to run it, like I do TMG, in a virtual machine by using Parallels (one can also run it under MacBridge for RootsMagic 7 and not need Windows installed on your Mac). I'd like to get completely away from having Windows. I've read that a Mac based version of RM is coming out, but as of yet I haven't seen any timeframe for when it will be released. I like to use TMG's Accents and Flags, but I haven't seem any similar feature in RM.


    For the time being I am going to continue to use TMG and run RM simultaneously so I can get a better feel for the features of RM. It means double entering everything, but it should give it a good test to see if it meets my needs. I also plan to keep looking for other programs that might come closer to the features of TMG, but I'm not that hopeful one will be developed that meets the standard that TMG set.


    RM is offering TMG users a discount on RM, it normally costs $29.95, but with the TMG upgrade it is only $19.95.


    So in essence I am following Terry and Michael's lead, but I'm also seeking other alternatives.


    Roger D.

  5. Very easy, Roger, using a List of People report, filtered for the desired people, with the Secondary Output report option set to create a new Project.


    Since you want the descendents of a specific person, I would probably filter the report using a Focus Group which started with that one person and then added others using the Focus Group features.


    Hope this gives you ideas,

    Thanks Michael. that is exactly the info I needed.


    Made the new project, and then opened it in Roots Magic Elemental (RME) running on top of MacBridge on my Mac computer. While it seemed to input the information in all the events over with no real problems, exhibits excluded - it doesn't recognized the drive I have the exhibits on, mostly likely because the external drive I have the exhibits stored on is labeled as drive K:/ and I suspect RME running as a Mac application doesn't understand that Microsoft drive letter.


    The program itself doesn't seem to have all of the options, searches, etc. that are available in TMG - it is a much simpler program, however a number of features are disabled since it is Elements and not the full version of Roots Magic. I don't see any flagging, or accents options in Roots Magic.


    While Roots Magic might work for some TMG users, I think most TMG users would be somewhat disappointed with Roots Magic.

  6. I know this topic has been discussed before, but at the moment I can't find that discussion.


    Now that it has been announced that TMG will no longer be supported after the end of the year, and other genealogy software developers are claiming to be able to input TMG data directly, I'm wanting to test these claims, but I don't want to do it with my whole project of over 90,000 people. I'd much rather split off a smaller piece of my big project and use that smaller piece as the test.


    That small piece would be used for test purposes only - I would still use my bigger project within TMG until, and if, I find a viable replacement. I have been using TMG since 1999 when I switched from UTF and I like TMG a lot, I use TMG Utility as well as Second Site, so I was disappointed with Bob's announcement, but certainly understand his decision. I understand that TMG is likely going to continue to work for me for years to come, but I'd really like to find a Mac replacement to begin with since I'm running TMG on a Mac using Parallels (and I'd really like to rid myself of having to use Windows at all), but I also don't want to sit and wait until one day I discover that the program doesn't work anymore.


    What I'm thinking is to split off (yet still keep that data within the larger project) all of the descendants and their spouses of one of my great-grandfathers. That should give me a pretty good test of all the various tags, flags, accents, etc. that I have used to see whether there will be a lot of clean up, whether the new program will do what I want, etc.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.




    I guess I should mention that I'm using TMG 9.03.

  7. I found what for me is a major problem with the Backup and Restore function in TMG 8.08 (and probably all versions of the software).


    The other day I encountered an error when trying to load my data - there was a missing file(s) - and there was no way to recover from it except to restore from the last backup file.


    The problem is all of my exhibits are stored in a directory structure depending on what the data is. I have subfolders under the exhibits folder for census records, birth certificates, marriage information, death certificates, military records, pictures of tombstones, etc. Under the census subfolder I have even more subfolders for all the different years of the censuses, and then more subfolders under those years for the states, counties and towns/cities/townships. However in the process of restoring my data, the program now thinks that all of the exhibits are just under the exhibits folder, and ignores all of the subfolders. All the imagines are still in the directory structure I created, but all the the events in TMG are now just looking at the ..\exhibits folder and not the subfolders for that exhibit data.


    I didn't go to all the effort to create this exhibit hierarchy just for the restore process to destroy it.


    Other than running TMG Utility's Missing External Exhibit function and then manually edit all 2,400+ events with exhibits, is there anyway to get TMG to recognize my directory structure?


    If there isn't, Wholly Genes really needs to fix this issue.



  8. Still have no answer to my original post. Dave O.'s response shows me the exhibits that are missing, but not who they were assigned to. I already knew which exhibits are missing from looking at the Last Backup.log report.


    When I view the Last Backup.log file I see, in part, the following:


    * Missed Exhibits *
    image >116 - K:\The Master Genealogist v8\Exhibits\page 1A.jpg
    image >121 - K:\The Master Genealogist v8\Exhibits\page 1B.jpg
    image >123 - K:\The Master Genealogist v8\Exhibits\page 2B.jpg
    image >124 - K:\The Master Genealogist v8\Exhibits\page 2A.jpg
    image >141 - K:\The Master Genealogist v8\Exhibits\page 1A.jpg
    image >148 - K:\The Master Genealogist v8\Exhibits\page 2A.jpg
    These imagines are census pages. Originally all census pages were stored just under the Exhibits folder, but that was getting too unwieldy so I created subfolder hierarchy as show below:
    Year of Census
    I have multiple census year folders, one each for each Federal census - 1790, 1800, 1810, etc, as well as when there were state censuses outside of the Federal census years and then a subfolder under the year for each state I have census data for, for example in 1850, and I have census data from each of the following states: California, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin. So each of those states has a separate folder under 1850. The same goes for counties of each of those states and townships for each county. And then the file name is just the page number of the census record. And since I use this folder structure it is easy for there to be multiple files with the same name that are in different folders.
    However apparently when I moved the files to the newer folder structure I didn't get all of the exhibits changed beforehand for all the events for all the people. And since I have 95,627 people, 135,181 events and 18,282 exhibits there is no way I can manually look at each person or event in a timely manner to see if it is missing an exhibit.
    Is there a way to cross reference the information from the Last Backup.log so I can figure out who those missing exhibits belong to? If so, how?
    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  9. When I backed up my project in TMG v8.08, it told me I have 12 missing exhibit files. The Last Backup.log file tells me which exhibits are missing, but not the person that exhibit is supposed to be attached to.


    Is there a quick simple way to discover who that missing exhibit was supposed to be connected to?


    I have far too many people to search through, and while some of the files have pretty file names as to who that file should be associated with, those people are not missing any exhibit files.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.





  10. If you click on File - Maintenance - Reindex, you get a message that reads: "This process may take several minutes. Index data now? Yes No". Not sure what this means, so I decided to look up what this is in the Help menu, which wasn't much help, for all it says is "The current project will be reindexed. Your data will remain intact."


    So what does Reindexing do?

  11. When I try buying the 8.0 upgrade I get the following error right after entering my payment information anc clicking on the Continue button.


    Miva Merchant has encountered a fatal error and is unable to continue. The following information may assist you in determining the cause of the error:


    Error Code: MER-OUI0-00003

    Description: No Shipping Item(s) Specified! (../../common/oui_system.mvi:1565)



    Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know what is going on? Anyone know how to get past this without the error.

  12. I've been thinking of changing over to a Mac, and would love to see TMG have a Mac version.


    While I would prefer a native Mac version, I wouldn't let the lack of one stop me from switching to the Mac. TMG runs fine on the Mac using Parallels running Windows XP. I suspect there are others here using VM Fusion and/or some other version of Windows.


    If I'm switching over to a Mac, I really don't what to have to use a Windows emulator to run my programs. If I'm using a Mac I want applications to run as Mac programs. The reason I'm switching would be to get away from Windows, because the more I use Windows, the more I hate it.

  13. TMG8 runs fine under the Win8 Developer Preview. Why you think that Wholly Genes should be involved in Metro app development is beyond me. TMG has much bigger concerns including a total rewrite if the program is to have any future.


    I know it's just wishful thinking, but I would prefer effort put into a Mac version over a Metro app version.


    I've been thinking of changing over to a Mac, and would love to see TMG have a Mac version.

  14. Windows 7 will remember the drive letter of a flash drive if you "set" it. Go to Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management. With the flash drive in place, right-click on the flash drive, select "change drive letter and paths" and set the letter to some value higher than your highest existing drive -- for example, "T" (for TMG). Normally it will come back to "T" every time you insert it and there will be no need to change TMG paths or drives.







    Robert, thanks for the tip. Very helpful.

  15. If in a tree, use TMG Utility to correct the exhibit paths. If only the drive letter is changed, then it's a simple search and replace for that part of the path.


    My exhibits are in a tree structure. I loaded TMG Utility and I'm not sure how to go about changing the path. The path use to be:


    C:\Users\Roger\Document\The Master Genealogist\Exhibits\.....


    Now I want it to be:


    K:\The Master Genealogist\Exhibits\....


    the "..." in the above paths indicates that there is a tree structure under Exhibits. Different folders depending on whether the exhibit is a census record, military record, birth, death, etc.


    Thanks for any help you might be able to give.



  16. In order to share my data between my desktop computer and my laptop, I thought I'd copy all of my project data, including exhibits, to an external, removable drive, and then change the program preferences to indicate the new location. The trouble is the removable drive doesn't always connect to the same drive letter, sometimes it is K: and sometimes L: Also discovered that exhibits that had been entered while the data was on my desktop computer's hard drive now comes up with a frowny face because it thinks that data is on C: rather than K: or L: Any exhibit that was entered while on the removable drive links up no problem.


    Is there a way in which I can tell TMG that the project is all on the removable drive, without indicating a specific drive letter, and is there a quick, easy way to have all the exhibits show regardless of where they are originally entered from? I have over 90,000 individuals and thousands of exhibits, so you can see I really don't want to have to go through all of them manually to correct this.


    Both the desktop and laptop use Windows 7, and both desktop and laptop have same version of 7.x TMG installed.


    I realize this is clear as mud, but if you can help I'd greatly appreciate it, and if it is too confusing, hopefully I can sort things out a little better if needed.





  17. Terry,


    I have a Related-By flag in which I have a number of values including ? and U for unrelated. After reading your article on Related By flags, I thought I don't really need both of those values and I'm looking to get rid of the unrelated value and just go with the ? value.


    I just ran Project Explorer to find all the people with the Related By value of U. There are 17,706 people showing in Project Explorer.


    So now I need to do the Secondary Output of the List of People? If so, how do I do that? I see where there is a change Flag check box, how do I get it to apply to the people in Project Explorer and change "U" to "?"?






    To make a mass change to Flags, you use the Secondary Output of the List of People report as Jim said. First you have to define the group of people whose flags you want to change so they can be included in the List of People report. There are three methods to do that:


    1. Use a filter, in which you set one or more terms to define the group you want to include.


    2. Use the Focus Group, in which you have added all the people. You can add people individually, or by using the "Add Others" feature to add spouses, ancestor, and/or descendants.


    3. Use the Project Explorer, in which you have selected the people you want to include.


    Which method is easier depends on how your group is defined. If you tell us what the people whose flags you want to change have in common we can suggest more specifically which of these methods to use.


    Once you have done that, go to Options on the List of People report and on the Secondary Output tab, set it to change the Flag for the people who will be in the report.