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  1. Slow import from FTM

    I am trying a different approach. The reason my file is so big is that I have a huge branch of my husband's grandmother's family (about 40,000 people) that we got from a distant relative (turning out to be a major mixed blessing). Anyway, I have a FTM 2011 file that doesn't have this branch of the family (about 600 people) that I am going to experiment with. I've exported it as FTM 2008/2009 and am currently importing it. Looks like it's done, so I'm off to experiment! I guess I have to figure out what to do with the 40,000 relatives we have courtesy of the distant relative. We got the data in a GEDCOM file originally. Perhaps I'll try uploading that separately.... Thanks
  2. Slow import from FTM

    I'm trying to use the trial version of TMG v7.04 to see if I want to use it instead of FTM 2011. I have about 40,000 individuals in my FTM 2011 and didn't realize that you couldn't import into TMG from FTM 2011 until I'd tried it twice and read on this board that I couldn't do it. Oh, well. I took someone's advice and created a FTM 2008/2009 backup file and am currently trying to import that into TMG. I've only been importing for about 15 minutes and I'm 18% done (its importing people and names). OMG, this is painful! Can anyone give me some idea of how long this might take? Someone posted that it took them 2 weeks to import! Augh! I'm wondering if I'll even have enough time to evaluate the software before my trial period is up. I'd appreciate any thoughts or encouragement anyone's got.... Thanks-