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  1. That's good Jim. We wouldn't want to use and half baked product.
  2. TMG support for 2 PCs

    I do use Vista so I cannot answer your question, but I would not expect any problems. Alvin
  3. Education tag

    I use the sentence below in my Education tag. [LD] is the name of the school and I use the memo to store other info, such as graduation date, degree, etc. [P] <attended [LD]>< ([D])><[CITY]><, [sTATE]><, and [M]> Alvin
  4. TMG support for 2 PCs

    I make a backup of the project then restore it to the other machine. Alvin
  5. I agree that the suggestion has some merit and could lead to better reports. I like it. (hmmmm, 3 posting from 3 Canadians) Alvin
  6. Report format Issues

    I'm not 100% sure I understand what you're saying. Did you mean you're adding the text in a NOTE tag instead of the MEMO field of other tags? I added a NOTE tag and I'm not having a problem with semi-colons. Which report(s) are you having a problem with? If you could give us more information about what kind of information you're entering then some of us might have some suggestions as to the best way to enter it. Just don't expect us to all agree. That's the beauty of TMG. There's more than 1 way to skin that cat. Alvin
  7. 2 Jun 2007 Chat Transcripts

    The text files without wrapping is the format I like the least, but it only me takes a few seconds (6 keypresses or clicks) to select the whole text and paste it in Wordpad. My vote for next time is do whatever is easiest. Terry, thanks for your efforts. Alvin
  8. Sorting List of People report

    Nothing only was there sorting done in Excel, but was there any date conversion done by Excel, either intentional or unintentional? Alvin
  9. Sorting List of People report

    Is it possible the dates are being sorted in alphabetical order instead of chronological order? Could the setting for the date format on a user's computer cause the dates to look correct for one user but not for another? I don't trust the ouput listed since it was processed thru Excel and Word. I'd like to see what the output looks like sent to a text file. Alvin
  10. Size of backup files?

    Did you check if you're using the same compression in step 8? Alvin
  11. TMG is easy enough to use that I did not think the book was worth buying. At first I was only interested in a way to safely store the data I had collected. When I got in touch with a distant cousin with whom I want to share information I started to question the quality of my work. I was not 100% satisfied with how my report were coming out, so sharing my information was not going to be as easy as I hoped it would be. I read a number of posts about how to enter certain types of information and began to wonder if I was doing things the right way. I decided to buy the book to see how others thought the program should be used. A few hours after receiving the book I feel I got my money's worth already. I quickly found a way deal with potential duplicates that I did not have enough information yet to determine if they truly were. How to enter conflicting information is no longer a mystery. Etc ........ The TMG user manual covers how the program work and how you can work with your DATA. Getting The Most Out of The Master Genealogist deals more with turning your data into better INFORMATION. If you're serious about genealogy and/or are not an expert then I believe buying the book is money well spent. Alvin Ramard
  12. I was wondering if anyone has found a way to print/report the list of Duplicate People found, or a way to automatically generate tasks from that list. If this cannot be done then I think this would be great features to add. Thanks, Alvin