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  1. I'm attempting to trial TMG v8. Right now, all of my data is in FTM 2012, and I'm attempting to import it. FTM 2012 isn't an option for import, so I've exported to a GEDCOM 5.5 to import into TMG. Every time I try the import, TMG errors out. Using either the simple wizard or advance, the same thing happens. I tried exporting with different character sets, same thing. When I click Finish to begin the import, it gets to: Creating the necessary tables 1% Reading submitter info... 1% Then the following error: End of file encountered. 0 TAGOBJE Abort Retry Ignore Retry and Ignore just gets the same error again, Abort brings me into the program to what looks like the sample project with the Wizard dialog box stuck open. Data appears to be in the wrong places, and everything looks like general mayhem. Then, when I try to close the program, it pops open a File Open dialog, and I can't get out. I've got to kill the process in the Windows task manager to get out. I'm assuming this is all not normal. Is there anything I should try to get it working?