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  1. Is there any way to send a chart created in TMG (visual chartform extension) to someone who does not have TMG in a way that they will be able to open and view the chart?
  2. Saving ahnentafel report

    Nevermind I see I can save it as a pdf in printing options.
  3. Saving ahnentafel report

    I am able to generate an ahnentafel report just fine using TMG 9.05 and can print the report. Is there any way to save it? Ed Dunscombe
  4. Upgrading questions

    Several issues. I am running TMG Gold 9.03.0000 and would like to upgrade to 9.05, partially so that I have the latest version and partially so that I will also have a copy of the installer file to put aside just in case. I use a Mac with Parallels 10.4.0 and would also like to upgrade that to v. 11, and then upgrade my Win 7 to Win 10. I also run Second Site 6.0.2. I have current backups of my TMG projects. A lot of upgrading there and I'm a concerned about a conflict along the way. I have my TMG serial number, and my original e-mail from Wholly Genes when I bought TMG v. 9. This shows my name, e-mail address, serial number and order number. I this information my "unlock code"? If so, is that all I should need to upgrade to TMG 9.05? Once I have 9.05, I think my sequence should be to: 1. Upgrade to Parallels 10.4.0 2. Upgrade to Windows 10. Thanks, Ed Dunscombe
  5. Relationships

    My TMG v.8 is showing a relationship between two subjects of tenth cousin 17 times removed. The son of one of these people is showing no relationship. Any idea why? Do relationships beyond certain limits not display? If I check the same relationship using the Relationship Calculator, the relationships show. But the relationship tag field shows no relationship.