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  1. Pedigree Report not displaying place fields

    I should have been more clear. I am using the Pedigree Report Option "Use Selected Places" and I have selected the first 6 options of Addressee, Detail, City/Town, County/Parish, State/Province, Country. The created report displays the County and State fields but fails to display the Addressee, Detail, and City fields that are selected. (My records do not include a value in the Country field and the resulting report is the same whether or not the Country field is checked as an option.) Strangely enough, if I select the Places option "Use Short Place field" then the City, County, and State fields will display. When I select the option "Use selected place fields" and select the fields Addressee, Detail, City, County, State, then only the county and state fields will display. That is, the Short Place field option displays more fields than does the option to display the specific fields. In addition, neither option displays the Addressee and Detail fields. The "Use place styles" option also displays only the County and State fields. The question remains, why is the Pedigree Report failing to display the specified place fields?
  2. Pedigree Report not displaying place fields

    My question has been viewed 76 times since I posted it on January 30, but no one has responded as yet. Does anyone else see this behavior in the Pedigree Report or is it simply that no one ever uses the report in this manner so it is not a problem? Thanks for any insight you can give me into the proper use of the Pedigree Report.
  3. I'm wondering why Wholly Genes does not use the Wholly Genes Community to keep us informed about issues with The Master Genealogist. The latest example is the withdrawn version 8.02 update that has caused confusion and some consternation. The withdrawal was announced on the RootsWeb TMG group but not here, and that only after prodding by the community of customers. Note that anyone who posts to RootsWeb has his message and e-mail address stored in a public archive searchable by anyone on earth. I will not join and post to RootsWeb because of my past experience with ListServ and similar mailing list software. I think Wholly Genes should communicate with its customers via the Wholly Genes Community bulletin boards, not through third party public mailing lists.
  4. I am creating a Pedigree Report with these place fields selected: Addressee, Detail, City, County, State. Detail and City do not display when there is a County and State value for the event. If I remove the County value from the event, then the City will display. Similarly, Detail will not display unless I have both the County and City blank for the event. Is this a feature to limit the number of characters to be displayed in the event's place field in the Pedigree Report, or is it a bug?
  5. Running the installer a second time and clicking on Repair fixed the problems I had with reports and backups. Thanks, Jim.
  6. TMG 8 was working fine for me until I installed the version 8.01 upgrade. Now reports and backups do not work at all. I haven't tried all the functions as this seemed enough of a failure to deal with for now. When I click on Report in the menu bar and select any one of the reports (either the default names or my custom names for reports I created), TMG opens a window showing the folders in the TMG 8 installation folder. The title bar of the window says Locate comdlg32.ocx: If I then click Cancel, I get an error message that says: OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. 70 REPORTOBJ.MRUNRPT If instead I click Retry in the error message box I get an error message that says: OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. 123 REPORTOBJ.MRUNRPT Similarly, when I click on File/Backup... I get the same window popup as described above. Clicking on Cancel results in the error message: OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. 35 MENUOBJTMG.MBACKUPWIZARD I am using Windows 7 x64 Professional. My TMG 8 project opens and the various Current Project Options seem correct, including the advanced options specifying the folders where the various files are stored. Those files are in place on my hard drive. How do I get reports and backups to work again?