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  1. I'm afraid I all ready know the answer to this but I thought I would check anyway. I up graded my v7 to v8 back in January. At the time I wasn't thinking of getting a new computer, well lo and behold I got one and now I want to move TMG to the new computer. I never got the cd nor did I think about saving a copy of the uncompiled version of the program since in the past I normally don't do something like this very quickly. My question is, short of buying a new complete v8, is there any known why to transfer the program from one computer to the other?
  2. Transfering v8 from one PC to another PC

    Thanks Robert and Virginia, that solved the problem. :notworthy:
  3. I just recently upgraded from TMG 7 to TMG 8. The upgrade went will until I tried to Unlock the Full Program. When I copy the serial number over from the e-mail which by the way if for TMG7, I get "Registration data is invalid. You will be prompted to register again when you start the application. In the meantime, will continue in trail mode. Please contact technical support if you continue to have trouble." So, when can I expect to get the serial number that will release the full program?
  4. Upgraded to Master Genealogist V8

    Thank you Robert. Just FYI - I did purchase the upgrade and recieved three e-mails. One was Wholly Genes Software Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation, Your Download from Wholly Genes and Your Wholly Genes Order #, so it looks like I am going to have them re-supply the number.