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  1. Cleaning the Master Place List

    Thank you, Michael and Virginia. I will pursue both suggestions
  2. Cleaning the Master Place List

    The Master Repository list is empty. I reviewed the Master Event List finding that the odd place strings were not shown. If optimize removes any unlinked places, these errant 'places' must be linked to something. At this point, I am baffled. Thanks for listening.
  3. Cleaning the Master Place List

    Unfortunately, in the case of these 'non-place strings', there are no event tags to be edited. So the question remains. How do I locate these 'orphan' places in order to correct them? By the way, Optimize did not clear any of them away. Thanks for your reply.
  4. After importing from UFT, I display the Master Place List for 'cleaning', as suggested by Reigel in the TMG Primer. However, there are a number of entries that are clearly not places, but comments entered into the UFT records. These items are shown without any association with a 'principal'. It appears that I have no way to associate these items to a person or principal in the collection. Is there a way to determine which persons records contain the non-place strings so that they may be corrected or removed? Thank you