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  1. That explains it - I never use citation details. So for me there's always a lot of white space. I guess I'm the odd one out (and probably not for the first time <g>). So the current 'way it works' would appear to be the best way for most users. Thanks for the assistance. Bill
  2. => The space should increase somewhat as the screen width increases On my version of TMG, resizing the form doesn't alter the alter the 'number' of characters displayed. When the form is resized to its minimum width, there's about 50% of 'empty space', and when expanded, even more 'empty' space. It would be nice if the form was amended slightly, to use more of the available space. (shouldn't be a big change). Bill
  3. a better example, showing the citation details being truncated on the TAG details screen and showing the citation itself with it's title. As you can see the word 'Bradford' gets truncated to 'Bradf' http://bill-schofield.com/TMG%20Citation%20Truncation%202.jpg Thanks Bill
  4. Hi Jim, I'm talking about how TMG displays the data on the screen. It's clearly truncating the display - only half of a letter being displayed etc. I uploaded a screen shot, showing how much room there is to display the details, but TMG appears to 'truncate' the display. For example on the last citation it just displays 'Bradf' - when the citation detail ends with the word 'Bradford'. http://bill-schofield.com/TMG%20Citation%20Truncation.jpg This happens 'all the time' - not just the odd citation here and there. Thanks Bill
  5. Hi Jim, but it still shows witnessed events. so in my example, it shows a marriage event (for living people) as witnessed by the deceased parent. Bill
  6. Hi All, any idea why the Citation details are truncated. There's loads of room for additional citation details (it maybe shows only 50 charactes of the citation detail) Even when the tag entry window is expanded, the citation details don't increase in size. Thanks Bill 1920 * 1200 monitor AMD 7700 video Win7 Professional
  7. Hi All, how do I suppress ALL details for living people. I can tick the box, to exclude details for living people, but it still shows 'Witnessed' events. i.e if a parent was a witness for their childs marriage. The children would be shown as 'Still Living' (with no other details), but the witnessed event (the marriage) would still appear on the parents group sheet. As the children are still living, shouldn't all references to them be excluded ? Thanks Bill