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  1. Relationship not connecting

    Thank you Jim Worked perfect. I have been trying everything on and off for a week, should have asked. 9.05 Greg
  2. Relationship of Lidia Howland shows---- wife of----not my direct relation ----Shows my 7th grandfather correctly. Her farther Joseph Howland shows no relation When printed on VCF chart form all is OK Did I get a tag wrong? Thanks, Greg

    Virginia, just used the bitmap format on the plotter for the 36 x 42' chart. I wanted it large enough so families could stand at their section and do corrections and additions with out being on top of one another. I used 16 pt fonts for the names. You can stand at three feet away and spot your family. Just tried printing the Kinship report and all OK direct to the printer. A no go in print preview, don't know why I did not think to try it directly to the printer. So I guess I have a small bug that won't let print preview work. Thanks again for your time and help, Greg Dorrance

    Virginia, That did not work, same output as the other report when I do a "kinship descendant report" as suggested. Stops at one page. Just printed "descendant box reports" 36" x 42' and descendnt indented narrative reports last night for our family reunion this weekend and all was fine. Output was to a plotter and a HP laser Jet. Just the kinship that is not working. Thanks, Greg Dorrance

    Jim thanks for taking the time to look at my problem. Tried resetting the report configuration to default as stated. No luck. Just tried on my home computer and same one page report. Greg
  6. In creating a kinship report I only get one page of descendants. Report stops at one page with g-grand children. Have generations checked off as 250. Any help would be appreciated. Greg