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  1. Some months ago I lost access to TMG but eventually located my email from years ago with my serial number. As soon as I entered the number everything worked fine. However, each month it asks that I enter the serial number again. Does anyone know why? Also, how can I stop this annoying repetitive request to enter my serial number? I have a copy of the email sent to me when I upgraded to V9 with the S/N and shortly after the product was discontinued.
  2. Missing DLL

    Pop the champagne. Looked in my Gmail messages and found my V8 & V9 serial numbers dating back 2012 & 2014. Up and working again. Thanks Gmail!
  3. Missing DLL

    Hi Jim The email address support@whollygenes.com just bounces back as undeliverable. Please, do you have any other suggestions?
  4. Missing DLL

    Hi Jim Thanks for you reply. I have tried Whollygenes.com but it just takes me to the forum page. Do you have a support address. I used to email Dorothy but don't know if she is still involved with TMG? The following is from a file in my TMG AppDir=C:\Program Files (x86)\The Master Genealogist v9\ CheckFrequency=2 CompanyName=Wholly Genes Software ApplicationName=The Master Genealogist v9 Flags=PerMachine ID={131BE2E7-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-6DD14A1DC0CF} ApplicationVersion=9.05.0000 DefaultCommandLine=/checknow DownloadsFolder=C:\ProgramData\The Master Genealogist v9 Installer URL=http://www.whollygenes.com/files/upgradev9/updates_uk.txt I wondered if the ID is my serial number (I substituted XXXXs for some of the numbers and letters). Kind regards Churchie
  5. Missing DLL

    Just had a major HD failure and have recovered TMG. However, upon starting the program I get this error message - Missing MSVCR71.dll. I was using Windows 7 but with this new computer and Windows 10 I am playing catch up with technology. I have downloaded tmg9uksetup.ex but haven't executed it as I can't find my serial number. Any suggestions?
  6. I have a number of exhibits that relate to my father's military service all related to the tag Military Servive Ends. These are pages from his record and I want them to appear in the correct order (page 1,2 & 3). However they don't, they appear as 2, 3 & 1. How can I force them to appear in the correct order?