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  1. Unmarried couple with child

    Thanks Glenn, PhpGedView was provided by the hosting service, I will look into Webtrees though.
  2. Unmarried couple with child

    Thanks Michael, I will certainly consider using Secondsite in the future. For now because of my continued unemployment it will have to wait. I first want to upgrade from TMG7 to TMG8 when I can. Phpgedview is free and therefore more affordable in my current situation. However, your reasoning does give me evidence of what I should do when able. Thank you Mike
  3. Unmarried couple with child

    Terry, thank you for your reply, but for now I'll live with this very minor problem. The website I have will be for sharing with family and the program I use is PhpGedView and exporting a GEDCOM from TMG and uploading it to the site is fairly easy. Again thank you Terry and Jim.
  4. Unmarried couple with child

    Mr Byram thank you for your reply. I am probably what you call a novice using TMG. Even though there is no marriage tag, on the family group sheet spouse is put in front of their names. I should have said this in my original post. I was wondering if there is a way to change the word spouse to mother and father on the family group sheet. On other reports (individual) that I have tried it is not a problem. Again thank you for your assistance. Since I upload my genealogy to a website I have that uses GEDCOM, I don't like creating custom tags, but I will try the shared note tag.
  5. What is the best way to handle an unmarried couple with a child and show they are not spouses ?