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  1. I hope I am posting in the proper forum. Forgive me if I am in the wrong area, but I have a real problem. Recently, I had a computer crash and can no longer access TMG. I have no idea which version of TMG I was using since I have been using TMG for years. I have three questions: First: Will I have to buy a new copy of TMG or is there a record of my purchase? I must have downloaded my copy as I cannot find the program CD. Second: Assuming I am able to secure a new copy of TMG, can I install it on two different computers? Third: All I have is the back up Gedcom. Can I repopulate a newly installed TMG with the Gedcom? Please help and thanks.
  2. Lost v5.x security code

    Hello everyone. Obviously we are new to the forum. While we have been using The Master Genealogist for years, We have never created an account nor used the forum until now. Here is our problem. We have been using v5.x which was installed from a CD. Our computer's mother board died. We have a GED backup but cannot reinstall TMG from the CD due to not having the unlock code. What do you folks reccomend? Can we get the original unlock code? Will we have to repurchase a more current version? Suggestions please. Thanks P.S. Sorry, I forgot this post. I was wrong about the CD. I don't have one. Virginia replied to my latest post, but I cannot reply. Will someone please answer my total questions? Either with post or my most recent one. Thanks.