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  1. When I go to a certian person screen, the window is blank, No lines, no information, nothing but white screen. Other people are normal Alex
  2. Filter in TMG v 8

    Thank you Virginia
  3. Filter in TMG v 8

    in my Details-Person-window There is a red Filtered block that I can't turn off. I tried Edit>clear tag filter but Filtered is still there. Alex
  4. Virginia That appears to have solved the problem. Thanks very much! Alex
  5. When I try to run an ahnentafel report (click "Create Report" in the Report Definition Screen - Ahnentafel), I get the error message "variable 'NAME' is not found 559 R AHNENTAFEL" and the Report Definition Screen - Ahnentafel crashes, requiring me to shut down TMG in order to use the program. I am running TMG v8 Gold on Windows 7 platform. I reloaded TMG and my data but the problem persists. I had previously run TMG v6 on this Windows 7 computer but upgraded to TMG v8 about 3 weeks ago. This is the first time I have tried to run this report. Other reports appear to work, although I haven't tried them all.