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  1. Hi, I'm using the UK silver edition V7 and whilst I can generate and print a decendant chart without issue from the selected focus person, I can't generate an ancestor chart. All I get is just the heading with no entries. Obviously all the links are correct otherwise the decendant chart would not be produced, but I can't for the life of me work out why I can't produce the ancestory chart for anyone in the tree, and would welcome any suggestions or fixes. Thanks in advance Malcolm
  2. Hi, Yes I was using top to bottom, but changing the option to left-to-right made no change. I also clicked on primay with my name hilighted when viewing my son as the focus and received a message confirming deletion of the primary connection (or something similar) I confimed this and this removed the entry under the father field. I then double clicked that and selected myself from the list of those availble to re-establish the primary connection and tried the report again, still it only generated just the heading, even with 10 generation selected. I'm baffled in that a decendant chart from my great, great, great grandmother works, but an ancessor chart, fan chart, in fact any chart other than a decendant chart fails. My cousin has dent me a GEDCOM file to try and I've imported that and it too does the same thing.... I'm at a loss Malcolm
  3. Hi Virginia, I've researched back around 6 generations from our children. If I select the the record for the oldest record as the focus and select the decendant tree the report works and branches down through the tree to my son. But if I select my son as the focus and then select the assendant tree all that gets produced is a small report with the heading, no boxes or tree. I've tried deleteing the report but it came up with an message about not being able to delete a default report and so I selected the option to revert it to default and still got the same issue. I've also tried different levels for an ascendant report and still the same result. I'll take a look at the link you gave me. Malcolm