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  1. Further update: I tried Jim's suggestion of transferring the filtered names to a Focus Group and that did work. However, it meant double clicking on each name to open the record for that person and sometimes ( if there was a long piece of information next to the name e.g. a notation or a date that was different from the usual) I could only open that person's record by right clicking and choosing "Change focus to this person". This only happened when the Focus Group window was not wide enough to display all the information next to the person's name. I found that working from the PE was quicker as I could just click on the right arrow and the next person to be amended loaded much faster. Another few things I have noticed is that the PE does not re-calculate as long as the PE window is not covered, or partly covered, so I am able to work in changing the Role in the Baptism Tag quickly. I discovered that if I then delete the filter from the PE and close it when I have finished that session I have no problems. I can just run the filter again the next time I need to do some editing. The new filtered PE only shows those people that I have not edited. At first I just closed the PE without deleting the filter on it. This caused a big problem when I opened TMG the next day. All sorts of strange messages appeared. The PE was obviously trying to run the filter although it was not open. The filter did not run and I had several messages about Abort, Retry, etc. I also found I could not open any person's record - only the one on screen. I also found when trying to open TMG I was getting messages about loading MS Office. This was resolved by deleting the filter from the PE and only using it when I needed to. Thank you to both Jim and Terry for your input, your suggestions have encouraged me to use the PE and Focus Group options more in future. Pat
  2. Update: I experimented with the PE using the suggested filter and it is indeed quicker to access the required records in order to amend the Role in the Baptism Tag. I then added a further condition to the filter to only show those people whose baptism tag had the Role of Principal. When the PE recalculated, only the people I have not edited with the new Role were shown. So that is a way of seeing how many more there are to do at the start of a new session. I did notice that the PE seemed to randomly recalculate but that was before I changed the window widths so that I could see the whole of the PE as well as the Details Window. It now just recalculates when I press the filter icon. Thank you Terry for your inspiration. I think I could make more use of the PE now I have seen how easy it is to use. Pat
  3. Thanks again Terry. I cut my TMG teeth on version 4 before moving to version 8, so have had no experience of using the Project Explorer. I usually find running a "List of" report and saving to a spreadsheet works for me. I can then amend it as necessary when completing some changes. I will have a go at the PEx to see if I can get on with it and if it is better than a spreadsheet. Like most things to do with computers, I suspect there are several ways of doing a task and many people stick to what they know. I have run a report to get the people with both Birth and Baptism Tags and there are 1340 of them. I already had flags set for people with these tags so it was easy enough to generate it. Do you think the Project Explorer is a more efficient way? Will look at your Terry's TMG Tips to find out more about it. Thank you for your input and interest. Pat
  4. Hi again Terry Have just tried your suggestion of a Role within the existing Baptism Tag. This works a treat and I now have only to find all those people with both Tags and change the Role of Principle to my new Role. Have tested it with my sentence preview report and it is just what I need. Thank you so much. Pat
  5. Thank you Jim and Terry for your helpful replies. I use the UK version of TMG but suspect I did compile these custom sentences a few years back when experimenting with sentence output. I will look at Terry's suggestion but I have over 2500 people with a Baptism, even more with a Birth. Think I worked out a report earlier today that showed the people with both Tags. Still rather more than I would care to alter but will try it out with a few and take it from there, altering those that I really need to and keeping the instructions on how to do it! Thank you both again for taking the time to help. Pat
  6. Using TMG v 8.08 and the Individual Narrative report when looking at a sentence preview. I have a problem when both Birth and Baptism Tags have been entered for an individual. When just one of those Tags is present the report reads as I want it but when both are present it is clunky with repeated information about the parents. Here are examples with the sentence structure: Report output when only a Birth tag has been entered. [P] <[PAR]>was born <[D]> <[L]>[:CR:] Clara Henrietta TROWBRIDGE, daughter of Samuel TROWBRIDGE and Susanah WEBB, was born in 1851 at Salisbury, Wiltshire, England Report output when only a Baptism tag has been entered. [P] was the son of <[FATH] and> <[MOTH]> and was baptized <[D]> <[L]>[:CR:] John CORNELIUS was the son of Joseph CORNELIUS and Betty HALFYARD and was baptized on 10 February 1811 at Parish Church of Chard, Chard, Somerset, England Report output when both Birth and Baptism tags have been entered. Thomas Robey THOMAS, son of William Mundey THOMAS and Caroline ROBEY, was born in 1851 at Alderbury, Wiltshire, England. He was the son of William Mundey THOMAS and Caroline ROBEY and was baptized on 23 July 1851 at Alderbury, Wiltshire, England. I feel sure other TMG users have come across this problem and would welcome any advice as to how I can get the report to read: Thomas Robey THOMAS, son of William Mundey THOMAS and Caroline ROBEY, was born in 1851 at Alderbury, Wiltshire, England. He was baptized on 23 July 1851 at Alderbury, Wiltshire, England. I am wondering if it is the sentence structure or the report definition that is the problem. Thank you for any input. Pat
  7. Defining a Family Group Flag

    Thank you for your reply Michael. I am going to also look at the post on the other thread as you suggested and decide what I will do. Again, thank you for your input, your advice is appreciated. Pat
  8. I have been reading the thread on "Adding Unrelated Family" with interest and decided I would like to identify which part of my tree an individual belongs to by adding a Family Group Flag as mentioned in Michael's post number 16. I tried to do this by identifying each of my four Grandparents and then running Connected reports for each line. However, I soon realised that they are all connected eventually to me so all of them will have all four family group flags marked as Y. I have tried leaving the "add spouse" box empty in the report filter, but this misses a lot of the family line related group. I have tried running it with the "add spouse" ticked and removing the Grandparent's spouse manually but as soon as I run it again for the next pass, that spouse gets added in etc.etc. Is there a way I can identify, with flags, the line any individual belongs to? What report options do I need? I hope there is a way to do this. Thank you for the interesting discussions and ideas on this forum. Pat
  9. TMG Rootweb mailing List

    Thanks for that explanation. I am not subscribed to the list at the moment as I usually visit every day to read the posts. Will have to wait until the archived list comes back on line or subscribe. Again, thanks to Michael & Jim for your information. Pat
  10. TMG Rootweb mailing List

    Thank you both for your response. Would it be possible to put a link to it on this thread as I am still having trouble accessing it. Pat
  11. Sorry if this is the wrong section to post in but could not find an appropriate one. Is everyone else having problems with accessing the TMG Rootweb Mailing List? I have not been able to see it for about a month and get a message: 500 Internal Server Error. I have searched the Internet to see if other people are having problems but not much seems to be coming up. Any advice appreciated as I miss it. Pat
  12. Although I now run v8, I too used to run v4.0d silver edition. I had this problem at some point as I kept the solution. I don't know if this will help but here was the solution: A required file, ctl3d.dll, is no longer included with the Windows XP Operating System. You will find the file on the TMG 4.0c installation CD, on an older computer or download here. If you download the ctl3d.exe file, run the file to extract ctl3d.dll and place the file in the /tmgw/ folder. I am unsure if the link works properly. It was: http://whollygenes.com/ctl3d.dll Alternativley, search this forum by just putting in ctl3d.dll and a few old posts come up that might help you to get this file. Pat
  13. Uninstall problem

    Have spent a few more hours on this problem and I do now have a working v8.8 on my Windows 7 computer. A few observations made whilst going through the process: I searched for all files, folders etc. with the name TMG or The Master Genealogist and deleted them all. I used the search from the Start bar and also Explorer to make sure I had everything. I then downloaded what turned out to be TMG version 8.8 from the link given by Jim in his thread mentioned by Virginia. During the install it appeared that there was an installation already present because it was deleting files and overwriting others. Eventually TMG was installed and the license key was already showing. This must have been picked up from the installation of v8 I did yesterday before the aborted upgrade to v8.8. So, my conclusion is that the programme was not uninstalled. All is well however, as it works like a dream. During the installation and configuration I made a note of a window that opened with the heading 'Amyuni Document Converter'. This had a short list of items but one was "Launch 'Install-u' to uninstall". I have made a note of that in case of future need. Also noted that the TMG I use everyday on my Win 8 machine is also not showing up in Control Panel/Programmes/Uninstall. I wonder why this is? Anyway - a happy outcome and thankyou again Virginia for your advice. I hope my comments might help someone else. Pat
  14. Uninstall problem

    Thanks Virginia, I'll try it tomorrow as it's past midnight here and I need a clear head. Pat
  15. Uninstall problem

    Hi Virginia That's the thread I was following but it does not tell me how to uninstall the initial installation of TMG 8. Perhaps I am missing something? Can I just delete all the TMG folders and files without going through uninstall? I think that would cause me more problems. Pat