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  1. Problem with Project Explorer

    Thanks for trying, Vera and Michael I think I have eliminated all possible external causes, GEDCOM does finish, and I am writing to the default folder on the main drive. The weird thing is that the error only occurs when I select names in the Project Explorer. If I simply export everything (not using the PE nor a focus group), there is no error. Anyway, I have found a solution that I can live with.
  2. Problem with Project Explorer

    Well now, I have spent several days trying to solve the problem. I HAVE been through the possible solutions in this forum. None of them have worked. My solution seems to indicate that the problem does not lie with the export facility but with the Project Explorer. Hence my topic title.
  3. I am trying to export part of my TMG data to a ged-file, but have met with problems on the way. I have used 3 methods, but they all involve the Project Explorer where I apply a filter based on a flag. At the moment that returns 7826 primary names. Now, here are the 3 methods: 1) I select all the 7826 names and export them. Result: some of the names are omitted from the resulting ged-files, but never the same. 2) I move the 7826 names to a focus group using "Add selected names ...". When I export from the focus group, some names are omitted as before. 3) I move the 7826 names to a focus group using "Add all names ..." and export them. Everything is fine, nothing is omitted. It simply works as it should every time. Perhaps there is something wrong with the selection function in the Project Explorer (you know, click on first name, hold down Shift and click on last name). Has anyone encountered this problem before?