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  1. Timeline Between Tree Names?

    Virginia, when I select Audit, under Reports, I get a different dialog box than the video on your link shows: the vidio shows a box titled Fucus Group, the one I get says Report Definition Screen - Audit. I can't seem to find my way from there to Focus Group. Do you think help for this sort of question will be available on the upcoming cruise, because I seem to be a bit dense in this department (although I've been active with computers since 1984). I really appreciate your help - it has introduced me to some other apects of the program, as I experiment. ~gydancer
  2. Timeline Between Tree Names?

    Thanks Virginia......looks like I have a long road ahead of me on this one. After checking it out, it looks like this is for the "advanced" user. Way over my head with what to fill in for parameters and filters. I think I'll just create a spread sheet where I can list the names and dates of events on contrasting lines with dates of occurence in columns, to be able to make comparisons. I'm surprised that as sophisticated as TMG is, that it does'nt have this kind of feature. Thanks for the advise.......eventually I may find a way for the sanity checker to work for me. ~gydancer
  3. Cruise ship mews

    Caron, it looks like those in the know do not care to read or respond to the cruise qustions........so there you have it.
  4. I see how to create a timeline between a person and recorded historcal events. But is it posible to create a timeline between members of the same tree? In otherwords (to keep it simple) if I have the name john with dob, mar. date, and dod, and I have the same data for mary, and frank and jane and uncle sammy, etc., is there a way to create a graph or bar chart so I can get a clear picture of how their life events relate to one another? I feel that it would be easier to determine if there is a conflict when it shows that john married mary when he was 10 and she was 19. Maybe there is another part of the program that brings this to our attention in a diferent way? I hope this makes sense ........... tnx ~Gydancer