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  1. Citation suggestions for ftDNA matches

    Robin, The TMG list on Rootsweb is alive and well so far as I can tell. At least there were posts there as late as the middle of last week. However it looks like if you are currently not subscribed you can't become subscribed until the mailing list pages get back up on Rootsweb.
  2. Transferring v 7.04 to new computer

    The automatic update feature doesn't work since Wholly Genes stopped supporting TMG; it has nothing to do with the age of your computer. You have two choices. If you want to stay with TMG7 you will need the TMG 7 installer. It is available in several places, which we can direct you to. You will also need your TMG7 serial number to unlock it. If you want to update to TMG 9 you can do that. Links to the installers, and to Harry Goegebeur, the only dealer with TMG 9 unlock codes for sale, are on in this article on my website. Directions for moving your data are in this article.
  3. ID numbers

    Jim, You have two options under the Tools > Renumber People command: 1) you can renumber one person or 2) you can renumber all people. The first will do exactly what you want, but may be a bit of a chore depending on how many people you need to renumber. The second will also solve your problem, but if there are gaps in the numbers assigned the rest of the people in your Project those with numbers above those gaps will be renumbered to fill the gaps. This may or may not be an issue for you depending on whether you make use of the existing numbers in other contexts.
  4. Adding existing spouse

    You're welcome, Bob.
  5. Adding existing spouse

    Bob, You don't need to "Add" the husband because he is already in your Project. Instead just add a Marriage Tag to link the two people together. You can start with either one and add the other as the second Principal.
  6. TMG and Onedrive

    After you have copied the backups and installed the program as Michael says, you need to pay attention to changes in paths between the old and new computers. That's described in my article at http://tmg.reigelridge.com/new-computer-version.htm#paths
  7. Managing Flag Accents

    Are you talking about Accents that appear on the TMG screens or Accents that appear in Box Charts?
  8. making a list of birthdays

    Roger, You can easily make a list of the descendants of a person with the List of People report with a filter: ID number .... = .... 123 ... END and then check the box below to add Descendants. This will not include the spouse of the descendants, which you didn't mention but I suspect you would want. To do that use the filter: ID number .... = .... 123 ... AND Is a Descendant ... of ID# ... 123 ... END and check the box below to add Spouses. You can include the birth date for each person from the Output Columns tab in Options. You can output either the full date, or the day and month. If you do the later you could sort on the day and month, but that will not produce good results because the months will be spelled out and sort in alpha order rather than calender order. The only way I think of to get calender order is to output the report to a spreadsheet, use a formula to convert the dates to a format the spreadsheet understands, then sort there.
  9. Simple Picklist (Search) Sort Order Problem

    I would suggest you look at the name tags of those who do not have a comma. I suspect you have entered both surname and given name in the surname field.
  10. needing help

    Were you not successful in removing it as you would any other program, but opening Programs and Features from Control Panel and finding it there?
  11. Defining a search to set a flag

    Doris, Run a List of People report. For the "Subjects" choose Filtered Group. then create a filter like: DNA Match =equals Y END If "DNA Match" isn't actually the name of your Flag, substitute whatever it's name is.
  12. Configuring a backup

    You're welcome, Bob.
  13. Defining a search to set a flag

    Jim is of course referring to all the various Ancestor and Descendant reports and charts, which I think is what you intended. You can use a Flag to define who is included in List of People reports and the like, and in sets of individual reports like the Individual detail and Individual Narrative.
  14. Configuring a backup

    Yes. At Step 1, on the right select "save as a new configuration" and then enter a name for your custom configuration. In each of the following steps set the options as you want them to be. In the future use this configuration instead of the standard one at Step 1. It will become your default setting.
  15. TMG v9 Locks after Windows 10 Updates

    The solution is described in my article on Moving Data to New Computer or Version.
  16. Managing a data set in TMG 9.05

    hwince, Sorry - my mistype. You need Edit > Move Person(s). Delete the second Data Set then recreate it. Then use Move Person(s) to move the people in the FG to the new second Data Set. (Actually, I suppose you don't need to delete and recreate the second Data Set, but if you don't you will end up with two copies of everyone there which will make verifying that everything is alright more confusing.)
  17. Managing a data set in TMG 9.05

    hwince, You are on the right track. All you have to do is use the Edit > Merge Person(s) menu command, and choose the people in the current Data Set.
  18. Bob, You need a reliable system to backup all your important data, including your TMG backups, copies of source documents, emails, correspondence, and non-genealogical data like financial and tax records. You need to have copies of those backup both off your computer locally and away from your home. I think it is far better to include your external exhibits in that backup system and not within your TMG backups. Including them in your TMG backup makes your backup larger and slower for little or no purpose.
  19. "religion" on ancestor chart

    Sorry, my error. I'd forgotten you could specify the elements of each Primary of a Tag Type in the box charts. So you can indeed include the output of the memo, so long as the Tag is primary, as it normally would be.
  20. "religion" on ancestor chart

    David, You can't include Other Event Tags in charts, so you cannot directly reflect religion based on information recored in Tags. However with box charts you can set accent colors based on Flags. So if you record the information in a Flag you could display people's religion by use of colors. If you have religion recorded in tags you could use the secondary output of the List of People or List of Events reports to set a Flag or Flags.
  21. Flags item in person window

    When you refer to the "Key" I assume you mean the field labeled "Key" in the Edit Flag window. If so, that is simply a memo field which you can contain any notes about the use of the Flag. It has no actual connection to the Values available in that Flag. If the Key is wrong, open Flag Manager, from the File menu. Select the Flag in question and click the Edit button. The field labeled "Description" is the same as the one labeled "Key" in the Edit Flag window (I have no idea why they are labeled differently). Edit the contents of the Description field to suit. You can put anything you like there - notes on what the Flag is used for, an actual key to the allowed values, or anything else.
  22. List of people Source report

    Bob, Maybe. It depends on how you have done the citations. You described before what seems like a somewhat unusual way to do citations. Are these citations only to your Family Tag, or might they be to other Tags as well?
  23. Handling photo of houses as exhibits

    Bob, I put a description of the exhibit in the Memo of the tag so it is easy to see in the Details view. But I seldom have more than two exhibits for any one person. I only make exhibits of photos or drawings related to the person, not images of sources. How to you use the source images? In reports, in Second Site, from the Details View, or ??
  24. Handling photo of houses as exhibits

    Bob, Another approach is to create a custom "photo" Tag which is then independent of any other Tag. I use them for all my exhibits because it gives my better control over where they appear in narratives created with Second Site. An image doesn't necessarily fit best attached to a Tag that is near the end of the narrative.