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  1. System crash

    Mike, What you downloaded from my site was 9.05. I haven't see the order for the book yet.
  2. System crash

    Mike Mike, I expected that would be the case, which is why I referred you to Jim's note. The reason the link to Jim didn't work is because you do not have your browser set up to work with your email system - that's what the message you are getting about setting up an account is trying to get you to do, but probably not on the email system you want to use. I have sent you an alternate link that will work to the email address you have registered to this forum.
  3. System crash

    Mike, The only files you want to move are your Project files. The safest way to do that is to make a Backup on your XP machine, then copy that backup to the USB drive. Copy the backup to your other machine, and in TMG Restore it - don't try to Open it.
  4. System crash

    Mike, You could install from the disk, but only if you are sure you never installed any updates. If you did the new installation will be unlikely to open your Project files. In any case, it's better to install the last version, which does not require any earlier version to be installed. See this topic for download links. Be sure to read Jim's note near the top of the post. Use the serial number from your disk, and be sure to use the email address you used at the time you bought the disk if you have changed it since.
  5. "Unknown Repository Address" in output

    Danielle, I don't know what the issue is. When I tried what I understand you did it works for me. I hope others have some ideas.
  6. conflicting origins

    Bob, Excluding a Citation is easy - just right-click on it and choose "Exclude." You will then see the exclusion mark (hyphen) in front of the source number. I sort the excluded ones to the bottom, but that's a matter of personal preference. You can still see the excluded Citations in the list at the bottom of the Tag Entry screen, but they will not appear in reports (although you can make them appear if you check the "Show excluded citations" box in the report definition). I'd probably keep the "wrong" census tag once you confirm it's wrong. Maybe add a note in the memo about how you know it's wrong, and exclude the Sentence so it won't show up in reports, unless you think reporting the mistaken info is useful in which case I'd let the memo print.
  7. conflicting origins

    Bob, As I said, it's your own standards that matter. I'd offer my opinion that deleting a citation to a source because you no longer believe it is accurate is not the best policy. As Michael says, you may come across it again and wonder why it's not cited. In my view it's better to exclude the source so it won't be output, but will remain so you can see it if you open the tag. If it's a commonly seen source I think there is a good reason to leave the citation active and explain in the CD why you have decided it is not correct. If you don't, an informed reader will want to know why you didn't find the source. However, in the end, there's no "right" way other than what you decide.
  8. conflicting origins

    Bob, You should treat this data in accordance with your personal data entry standards! What do they call for when faced with conflicting information? As you know, this is a common occurrence. In case you haven't established such standards, here are some considerations. First, why are you entering data into TMG? Is it to collect and display all available sources? If so you may want to enter all conflicting data in separate Tags, so it's readily visible in the Details View. Is it to document your conclusions about the most likely correct information about your ancestors? If so, you may want to enter the data you consider most likely to be correct, and record, either in the Memo or in Citations, how you reached that conclusions when faced with conflicts. Is it to create easy-to-read narrative about your ancestors that your relatives with limited interest in family history might be willing to read? If so, you may want to hide such conflicts in the Citation Detail of your Citations. Leave the citations with conflicting information active if you think it's merited, or leave them attached but excluded if not. You might discuss only the most significant conflicts in the Memo of the appropriate tags. No doubt there are other reasons users record data, which would lead to other approaches.
  9. Printing list of LIVING descendants

    Bil, Yes, that's what I said. If you want only the living spouses you have to do it the way I described.
  10. Printing list of LIVING descendants

    Bil, It's doing exactly what you told it to do - list living descendants and then adding their spouses. I don't see a way to get both descendants and spouses, living only, with a single filter. You can do that with a temporary Flag. First use your current filter to set a custom Flag, then use a filter for people with that Flag set and living.
  11. Windows 10 Attack

    Yes, it is "just a normal update" and yes, it is installing Windows 10. Microsoft has now made the update to Windows 10 a "Recommended" update, and if you are using the default setting Recommended updates are automatically run. Google the subject and you will see a lot of complaints about this change.
  12. Printing list of LIVING descendants

    Bil, What value of the Living Flag did you find when you went to one of the people who should be on the list? I suspect your filter is testing for the wrong Flag value. The default setting for the Living Flag is not Y, but ?.
  13. editing a role

    Bob, Open the Master Tag Type List, find the Tag Type, and click Edit. On the Roles and Sentences tab at the lower right are the setting for Sex and Maximum and Minimum Age. Select the Role in question and set the Sex condition to suit that Role. I suspect it got set the way it is because you had a Role set for males only selected when you made this Role.
  14. editing a role

    When you say the role id flagged as "male" just how do you see that?
  15. At the top left of the main Tag Box do you see "Filtered" in red? If so, right-click on any tag in that box. About half way down in the menu that appears is "Filter for..." Choose that item, and on the sub-menu that appears click on whichever item is checked.
  16. Judy, The "Master Genealogist v9 folder" folder on your new machine may not necessarily have the same path as the one on your old machine. Differences in folder layouts between Windows versions and differences between user names on the two systems may produce subtle differences in paths that are easy to overlook. Check them very carefully, or use the [...] buttons to select the folder on the new machine to be sure.
  17. Splitting off a person and his ancestors

    It sounds like you used a saved focus group rather than the current one. There is no need to save the focus group unless you plan to use it again later. Just specify "current focus group." Have you looked at the missing people? Are they really in the FG and not in the new project, or are you just counting "people" -- remember that a FG is actually a list of names, so a person can appear more than once under different names. You didn't mention ancestors of wives so I didn't include them in my description. Yes, to get them you need to run "Ancestors" again.
  18. Splitting off a person and his ancestors

    Jim, To get spouses and children of ancestors, and their spouses takes several steps using the Add Others function on the right side of the Focus Group. To do that you need to select everyone already in the FG, which you do with the Select All button. 1. To add spouses of Ancestors: Select All. Then in the Add Other box check only Spouses and click the Add Others button. 2. To add other children of Ancestors: Select All. Then in the Add Other box check only Descendants for one generation, and click the Add Others button. 3. To add the spouses of the children: Select All. Then in the Add Other box check only Spouses and click the Add Others button. It's on the Add menu. That will work, but you should be able enter the name it in the Secondary Output tab of Options once you check the Create New Project button. What happened when you tried that?
  19. Splitting off a person and his ancestors

    Jim, If you have everyone collected in a Focus Group you have the hard part done. Now you just need to follow a few steps to copy them and merge them into the other Project. You can't copy people directly from one Project to another directly, so it takes several steps. Broadly, here is what you have to do: 1. Use the Secondary output of the List of People report to copy the people into a new temporary Project. Use the Focus Group as the "Subjects." 2. Merge that temporary Project into your target Project. That will place them in a new Data Set within that Project. 3. Merge the new Data Set with the existing Data Set in that project. Be sure to choose "A" and "B" so that the new Data Set is "Unchanged" to preserve the ID#s of the existing people in the existing Data Set. Alternatively, you can Copy all the people from the new Data Set to the existing one. 4. Delete the new Data Set from the Project. Detailed instructions for doing the merging can be found in the article on Merging Projects and Data Sets on my website. Using the Copy Persons command is described in my article on Copying or Moving People Between Data Sets.
  20. Where to download TMG V9 ?

    Then read the note -- if the link doesn't work contact Jim.
  21. TMG crashes when attempting to load.

    No, it says at the bottom of that post it was updated 13 April 2016. This issue is recent and is expected to be fixed soon.
  22. Data entry via Family Group sheet

    Bob, Sorry, wrong check box. Try "BMDB events when missing"
  23. Data entry via Family Group sheet

    Bob, On the Miscellaneous tab of report Options, check the box for "Blanks for Missing Data."
  24. "expired trial version" message during login

    Joe, You have two issues. The request for entering the serial number is a "feature" of Windows 8 and 10 which removes the registration information regularly. The solution is illustrated in an article on my website. The failure to unlock when you try to do so is another issue. The most common reason for this is entering a current email address rather than the one used when you obtained the serial number. You must enter the email address and name as it appeared when you obtained the serial number. Another reason is using a serial number from another version of TMG.
  25. PDF Printer Installation Problems

    Judy, Yes, that's what Jim said. You can't use the Save to Adobe Reader option in TMG. Instead, you tell TMG to save to Printer, then select the Windows PDF "printer," not your default printer. That's not actually a printer, but is a PDF generator that creates a PDF file which you then save wherever you want it. I think you missed the last half of Jim's final sentence.