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  1. Is it possible to have TMG on several devices...

    Many thanks for your comprehensive response Terry which has clarified the situation very well. Thank you.
  2. ...and to be able to synchronise them all to update? Or do you have to input data again on other devices to make sure the dbases remain the same? Many thanks
  3. TMG v7 for Windows 8

    Many thanks Virginia. I have bookmarked that page.
  4. TMG v7 for Windows 8

    Many thanks for your reply Virginia. Yes, my machine is 64-bit. I've now installed the trial version of v8 and it has solved the problem. Many thanks for your help with this, and your very prompt reply. Kathy
  5. TMG v7 for Windows 8

    I have just got a new PC with Windows 8 and have successfully installed TMG and have been using it as normal. However, when I want to export a chart or narrative to PDF it will not allow me to do it (I get a series of error messages). I have tried to install PDF printer but that doesn't work and, again, I get error messages. I read somewhere that I needed MS Media Player so I made sure that was installed but the problem is still the same. Help please!