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  1. Can TMG or parts there of be stored in the cloud (such as Drop Box) and then be accessed from to different physical location and then be added to or changed as long as two people are not working at the same time?
  2. Does anyone have experience when two people want to both be able to enter data over the internet into a stored project? Do any of the present collaboration programs work for this?
  3. Thank you. How does Ancestral Quest compare with TMG or other current programs? What are its drawbacks?
  4. I am not sure if my problem is within TMG or SS. My project consists of two data sets. With only one dataset (Unaligned) opened a report using lists of people with the flag ‘unaligned’ and no for ‘living’ setting shows 1711 people. However, when I run Second site using people setting ‘include based on flag’ – unaligned and exclude living it only shows 284 people. I must be missing something but I cannot figure what. Can someone help?
  5. Problem TMG or SS

    Thank you very much. I think I knew this at one time but I neglected this step this time. How stupid of me.
  6. Problem TMG or SS

    Wait- is there a place in second site where it should be set to the unaligned dataset? It is set to the project that contains the two datasets "worden" and unaligned.
  7. Problem TMG or SS

    Yes it is set to the dataset 'unaligned' which is where I got the list of 1711 people with a tag of 'unaligned' set yes
  8. dataset contents

    I have solved my problem! I was just being dumb. Thank you
  9. There are 1898 people in a data set but probably quite a few are not flagged to be included in output or are still alive. Using SS the ones to be included are based on a “Unaligned” flag. The last time I was able to upload there were 1236 shown in that data set. However now SS will only produce a small number (285) of the total number. Is this a TMG problem or SS? How do I fix?
  10. Preferences

    I followed instructions (I had hid apply and save before) And when I Filtered for Primary events was not checked. The only thing that had a check was non-witnessed events, whatever that is. However before I closed I click the extreme left thing at the top for save layout and Then it reopened as it should. Thank you
  11. Preferences

    In TMG preferences options Tag box I have checked show non-primary events. Then I checked apply and ok. I works one time but the next time I open this project the non-primary events are again not shown. What can I do to make this preference selection permanent?
  12. Preferences

    Back to the first question. I must still be doing something wrong. I created a new layout with "show non primary events", applied, named the layout and saved. It still opens the next time with out the non primary events, Even if I go to view layouts and select the one I saved it opens without the non primary events. Then I have to go back to preferences and change the tag box again to show non primary event. I have done this over and over hoping to get a different result but I don't. It just keeps reverting.
  13. Preferences

    Thank you. Now I have one more problem. · There are 1898 in a data set but probably quite a few are not flagged to be included or are still alive. Using SS the ones to be included are based on a “Unaligned” flag. The last time I was able to upload there were 1236 shown in that data set. However now SS will only produce a small number (285) of the total number. Is this a TMG problem or SS? How do I fix?
  14. web site

    I am searching for a person or company with a provider that will build a family web site that will support a TMG database. Any advice would be appreciated.
  15. web site

    No we have the data and it is in TMG + we are using SS. All this is on our present Web site. We are not happy with the that website and want to make several upgrades such as stronger password control. I guess what I need is a web site designer who can deal with TMG and SS.
  16. web site

    We have been in contact with John and he is really not interested in the project.
  17. web site

    I already use Second Site. But not all providers seem to know how to work with TMG and Second Site
  18. I am trying to back up including exhibits and get the following message: "OLE exception error: Exception code c00000fd. OLE object may be corrupt" Selecting ignore does not help. My exhibits are in a separate file outside of TMG.
  19. Error message

    I am trying to backup my project which I have done many time before. Now I am getting the following message: Input file read failure- This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a zip file that is locked or restricted by another process. How do I find out more and how do I fix it. Pat
  20. My project includes 6,792 external jpeg exhibits all of which were scanned into one folder in the same manner over time. They all appear in and open from File Explorer and are listed in the resized file. However based on the Utility resizing log 464 of the total cannot be found. Then when I try to Verify Exhibit Files I get this message: Error -1 from CTMGDB Error (-61) Permission Error Opening File opening C:\Users\pward\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Projects\Worden Project_M.dbf as ta45. When the site is built on SS the last 464 exhibits that appear have apparently not been resized and appear very large on the screen. Where have I gone wrong? Thanks for any help.
  21. Exhibits not resizing

    I did as you suggested for backing up excluding the exhibits. It seems to have worked. Thank you for all of your help.
  22. Exhibits not resizing

    I did as you suggested and posted the question on SS mail list. I have not heard back from John yet. However since then I attempted to backup my project and got this: Program error OLE exception error: Exception code c0000005. OLE object may be corrupt. Help said perhaps I could click ignore but while it said backup was finished there is nothing there. Is this a different problem or related to the previous?
  23. Exhibits not resizing

    Yes the error message is from TMGU. I used TMGU export external exhibit to resized file, 200X300, Both resize image and reduce dimensions only checked. yes the image files are in File Explorer but I am not sure what you mean by proper size. Validation complete. NO problems found. 6900 external exhibits were checked. 37 exhibit files were not found. I see the thumbnail of the exhibit but when viewed it appears but seems a bit fuzzy.
  24. In 2008 I had an old Family Roots (hereafter FR) program for Apple converted to a dos version after which WhollyGenes imported it into a TMG formatted file. The result has been some unusual tags and issues. I am looking for help with these issues. At this point I am trying to make this old file into an on line database using Second Site. For each marriage FR had four fields: spouse, marriage date, marriage place and marital status. Now in TMG something has caused a divorce tag to be added when a divorce did not occur and the only entry is an “N” in the memo field. I am attempting to get rid of all these without individually going through 16,000+ records. The fixes in TMG Utility do not seem to work. Another problem is in Remarks in FR, they limited the length and redundant spaces are eliminated. Footnotes were also allowed within the text signified by ^1 etc. When you ended up with something like this “…17Aug1817^1, after mother’s death…”, in TMG and Second Site everything after the “^” is missing and I assume the caret is what is causing this. Is there a way around this without going through all the records and removing it individually? Again the fixes I have tried in TMG Utility do not seem to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  25. I have found the solution to my problem in an earlier post. Sorry to bother you. Thank you