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  1. Importing from Legacy 8.0

    any idea when the next release version will be? When I try a GEDCOM import, I get "detecting length of gedcom lines.... "Variable "LEVEL" is not found 0 GEDIN" if I click ignore "Variable "CRI" is not found 0 GEDIN" if click ingore "Variable "TAG" is not found 0 GEDIN" if click ignore goes to the import step 3 goes to step 4....the after creating the necessary tables to 100% or so "OLE error code 0x8002000a. Out of present range. 5465 UPDTERM "========= The Master Genealogist v 8.08.0000 GEDCOM Listing File ========== Import of C:UsersKristinaDesktopmiratag9.ged Errors (*) and Warnings: Line # ----------- * 1 ERROR : Missing trailer. *************************************************************************** Note that TMG routinely ignores the following types of information during an import: Family Numbers Family Changed Date Source Changed Date *************************************************************************** The file you are reading is saved as : C:USERSKRISTINADOCUMENTSTHE MASTER GENEALOGIST V8PROJECTSMIRATAG9TRY_.LST" and a blank database. Any clues what I could do to fix that? The GEDCOM is between 300-350 MB. Today I tried to import a gedcom which contained about 150,000 people and it went thru fine. There were errors, but of the sort i would have expected (and can live with). All these gedcoms are being generated by me from the same Legacy database.
  2. After two days of attempting to import my very large file from Legacy, I am here to ask for help. When I exported a smaller Gedcom (a few hundred people) and imported it as a gedcom it worked fine. But the larger files seem to fail, no matter what I do. I've tried just about everything I can think of. When I do the Import from Legacy, I follow the wizard, it starts the import. Then I get in the top right of the screen "gbSource() DLL Syntax error" which seems to flicker so it might be happening over and over. This at 18% on the top line and 1% on the bottom line where it says "Importing people and names". I'm going to ignore that and going to wait it out this time since I have no other options. But I fear that in the end I'm going to have some sort of error in the file? I guess I'll see in a couple hours....Maybe its nothing? When I import a larger sized gedcom it gives a variety of weird errors and doesnt import anything at all. (at least it does this almost right away, rather than a 2 hr wait) Any suggestions? It is really painful to remake the GEDCOM from Legacy, as it takes 2 hrs. I've tried a Gedcom 5.5.1 (which is what worked on the smaller file) and also a Legacy Gedcom.