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  1. Problems Producing Reports

    I'm trying to produce a report giving a list comprising ID, name(s), ID number and birth year date and county and death year date and county. When the report prints out the place element is blank in each case, though everything else prints out okay. Has anyone else had this problem or better still, overcome it?
  2. Problems Producing Reports

    I've now realised what was happening, I think. I'm using the American format on a UK based program and so the counties actually appear under the city field when printing out. At least, I think that is what the answer is. Whatever, it is the county not being in the expected field that was the issue. Sorry if I have put anyone to any trouble trying to puzzle things out.
  3. Help! I'm running TMG 9.5 on Windows 7. I assume something has got corrupted but I am baffled. I have always used custom tags for census entries. Everything has worked fine until today. Now, whilst the witnesses appear, attached to the primary tag on the subject screen, they do not appear as witness tags on the secondary subjects' (the witnesses) screens. I noticed the red lettered "Filtered" button is on the screen. It may have always been there for all I know as I've never used it. Nothing is shown though as being filtered. I've uninstalled and re-installed TMG to no avail. The problem is across all projects. The linking is vital to track events so it is not a minor problem. I've over 50,000 people across my projects and can't possibly go through them to enter all as separate census events. Any ideas anyone, please?
  4. Witnesses not showing on subject screen

    Phew! Thanks a million. I initially thought it was something like that that but I couldn't find anywhere that gave a filter option of tags, other than the main one on the 'Edit' menu.. Well, you learn something with TMG everyday. If it happens again though, I'll have forgotten the solution! Made it worse as I can't figure how it even got changed. Again, thanks.
  5. Problems restoring

    I'm trying to use the restore option. When I attempt it, it says that the project is still in use by another user but that is not the case. I have deleted TMG9 and re-installed from scratch and deleted the original project but I still get the same message. Can anyone shed anyone suggest a way around this please?
  6. Problems restoring

    Okay thanks. I've solved the problem. I forgot to delete the old project.
  7. I've just extracted data from one project to add to a new project. I used GEDCOM to select the data I wanted to merge to create a new project. I merged the new project into an existing one and afterwards renamed the resulting project. When I opened the newly merged, renamed project the ID numbering was a mishmash so I opted to renumber. When I select the option to renumber, however, the only options to renumber are each of the original component projects, not the resultant merged projects. Can anyone tell me of a solution to this problem, please?
  8. Renumbering in Merged Projects

    Thanks Terry. Very speedy reply indeed! I followed your instructions and was getting some odd happenings but after about 90 minutes I eventually got everything to work successfully. Must admit, it's not experience I would want to undergo many times! Thanks again.