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  1. Great, thank you, Jim. I'll let her know and we'll probably wait until 9.01 is out. Regards, Eric
  2. Hello, I am not an actual TMG user so bear with me here. My mother has been using TMG for as long as I can remember. She is currently using Windows XP and v6.12 Gold Edition of TMG. We would like to upgrade her to a new computer with Windows 8, what with Windows XP going end of support in April of 2014. She is worried about losing her data in the upgrade. After her last upgrade (to version 6) I guess there were some inconsistencies between records so I'm trying to be extra careful. One of her projects has over 65,000 records. I've seen data lost in translation during db upgrades and I know how important this is to her so I want to make sure this can be done without messing anything up. From what I'm reading, it sounds like all I'll need to do is backup the current projects (which she does often anyway), purchase TMG v9, install it on the new Windows 8 machine, and then restore the .sqz file to her new TMG installation. I'm just worried the versions are too different for this to work, or if you can actually do a direct upgrade across 3 major versions. Am I on the right track here? If so, are there any other intermediary steps involved, and will there be any issues between versions (like will the fields in each record match up exactly)? Thanks for any help! Eric