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  1. Personally I regard England, Wales and Scotland to be countries in their own right and the appearance of United Kingdom in drop down menus on websites to be a real anathema. When I was young my passport gave my nationality as British (English) and my father's was British (Welsh).
  2. In November 2006 I posted a query under the above title, which does not seem to have been resolved nor taken up as a bug because it couldn't be reproduced. In essence SOMETIMES when I have a person's data starting with an undated tag his name is suppressed when sent to various reports. e.g. An individual narrative report that should read "Morris Thomas Knevitt (id no). Revenue Officer in Australia. The marriage of Morris Thomas Knevitt etc..... in fact reads Revenue Officer in Australia. The marriage etc..... In order to see how widespread this problem might be (remember it hasn't bothered me for a couple of years!) I ran a filter for all people with this tag which came to over 1200 and starting from the top of the list and looking at the individual narrative report they all seemed to display correctly until I came to a person with the undated tag and NO birth or death date which displayed with the tag but NO name. I then returned to the top of the list and this time and this time they ALL displayed incorrectly. ?? John
  3. TMG always starts narrative reports with the name of the focus person. If the Sentence of the first Tag doesn't start with [P] or [P+] the name is placed in front of the output from the first tag, followed by the ID#, generation number, etc. according to the report settings, and a period. Well it's not doing it. It didn't like a first tag being<[M]> <[L]> <[D]> It left the name out, but if I have custom altered the sentence to <[M]> <[D]> <in [L]> then the name goes in, so now I am going through hundreds of tags changing the sentence to [P]. <[M]> <of [L]> <[D]> Some intermittent problem is causing it to drop the person's name if the first tag hasn't got a [P]
  4. It is the first tag and I think that I have found the problem in that the sentence construction for that tag contained no [P]. But for some reason this doesn't always bother TMG and it sometimes sticks the name in! Thanks for all your efforts.
  5. Mouse or cursor problem

    No, on this computer I still run that old XP and I wish my laptop did as well! The problem here seemed to start when I down-loaded the beta version of Firefox 3.6 which is I think the current version of the release.
  6. 1. All my reports are set as you suggest because I don't use that facility 2. Done that, no difference
  7. Mouse or cursor problem

    Thank you, that works - now I can return to asking loads of daft questions to which the answer should be RTFM
  8. Mouse or cursor problem

    I am trying to post a question on the TMG 7 and I again have no cursor, no editing controls etc as mentioned previously. Its fine here in this forum. I have just gone back to try again and I have a cursor and full edit in the two heading boxes but not in the main box. There has to be something that doesn't like FF 3.6 on that panel. I shall now compose my question off line and post it. John
  9. Mouse or cursor problem

    I had a similar problem last week when I tried to post in TMG 7. My cursor incorporated itself in the letter I was typing, I lost the left and right keys and the ability to insert, in fact it was like using a DOS editor, all I could do was type and use the back delete. To top it all, my question didn't get posted! I am using FF 3.6 and everything is behaving today.
  10. I moved my external drive upon which TMG and its exhibits (as well as Second Site and its exhibits) sit. I duly changed the drive allocation letter in preferences for both the project and the exhibits but when backing up TMG reports no exhibits found and the log tells me that it is still looking at the old drive letter. Which of us is being more stupid - TMG or me?
  11. Thank you, that seems to have solved the problem but it doesn't answer the question as to which of us is more stupid. I hope that TMG 8 is going to make allowances for those few of us who are dimmer than it is
  12. I seem to be hounded (well, at least three times an evening) by an annoying error message when I am entering data File access is denied c:\docume~1\rees\locals~\temp\|s~1\tmg66274018\x_relate.dbf. 20 UTILITY.DELETETMPDATABASE Sometimes retry works, sometimes abort works, it usually seems to save the data. I have done my housekeeping, dusted the files and hoovered the disk. Can anyone suggest how to get rid of this annoyance?
  13. Error message

    Until yesterday I had only one project! All that I use is AVG and Zone Alarm and the message really does look like a TMG one. I didn't have the error yesterday but it popped up twice this morning - maybe I'll just clean out that temp directory and see what happens.
  14. Error message

    This nag seems to have been around for the past few weeks and has survived a few shut downs.
  15. I can't seem to find a name tag variable to force the use of a married name as in the following sentence construction: "Possibly the [first name] [married name] whose death was registered in the December quarter 1901" F1 Help doesn't seem to help me on this occasion.
  16. Name Tag variables

    Thank you both for your help. On taking down A Primer for The Master Genealogist I find it bookmarked at p.104 had I gone on for another four pages I would have learned about Witnesses without troubling you.
  17. Name Tag variables

    Self-immolation comes to mind, along with my computer In this case I am trying to quote a register in which the person's given and married names are used. I have never found a use for the Witness system in TMG ever since I tried to have my Godfather and others as witnesses to my birth. The ensuing sentence "A witnessed the birth of B" suggested a rather crowded delivery room.
  18. On attempting to Customise other info box I get the following error when attempting to disable/enable a tag: Array dimensions are invalid. 3FRMOIBSETUP.CMDDISABLE.CLICK It is not a matter of life or death - just the number of children
  19. Customise other info error

    Thank you - obviously a case of ignorance is bliss.
  20. I don't understand how to filter an already filtered and saved list. As soon as I load the saved list and clear the filter screen in order to enter the new criteria the filter then operates on the complete database and not on the filtered list.
  21. How do I stop TMG presuming that there are No known issue of a couple when producing a custom format journal report. The children are "known issue" box under the Miscellaneous tab doesn't seem to change it. It's a really presumptuous statement when the truth would be that the author has been too lazy to trace this line any further. John
  22. Journal Report Option

    I suppose you are going to check up on me now An order will be off to TWR Computing before you can say "A Primer for the Master Genealogist"
  23. Journal Report Option

    Thank you Barbara. I really should have bought Terry's when the exchange rate was in my favour
  24. When creating a box standard chart I find that if a female is the single progenitor of a line [without a marriage tag] then VCF doesn't draw a line to her heir - is this a bug?
  25. Thank you. It's nice to know its not personal!