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  1. Add People Button on Tool Bar

    Add person from the menu doesn't work for me either. Contemplating adding my demise to my TMG data
  2. Has anyone written a macro, or is there a tool to delete carriage returns and reform lines of copied text in memos? I copy/paste unformatted text to a memo field and currently go: End - Delete - Spacebar to reform text. This is boring when I have just plagiarised a large amount of text. Is there anything to speed-up this process? John
  3. Today I noticed that reports, of several types, do not start with the person's name where the first tag is a custom tag. This is a new problem. I have been using this custom tag for several years with no difficulty. I have a custom tag "Who is" which is designed to appear after the person's name and before his date of birth. It is date sorted to be the fist tag in the list; its sentence contains just a memo and location so that the result can read "draper of Boston" now the resulting reports start Draper of Boston. He was born 1 Jan 1111 instead of John Doe. Draper of Boston. He was born 1 Jan 1111. What have I done to upset the system? John
  4. Funny - my last reboot seemed to clear the problem which had been around for a couple of days! Must be time for a new version of TMG
  5. I am using Windows XP and find that an accidental use of Ctrl + Scroll Wheel when using TMG will bring up the closure/backup message in TMG, cancel doesn't appear work to work, so I am forced to close. If this is not peculiar to me could we either have the function properly enabled in TMG or completely disabled? John
  6. Accidental closure of TMG

    So comforting to know that I don't have to invest in a new mouse. John
  7. In reports I can't get rid of leading zeros in years before 1000. The leading zero option doesn't seem to apply (whether I check it or not I still get the same). Entering the date 975 in data entry automatically changes to 0975. Suggestions please?
  8. Dates Leading Zeros

    I am using dd Mmmy yyyy format. However this "bug" seems to be limited to "between" dates. I am using a birth tag "between 0970 and 0975" and this is producing the report output "b. between 0970 and 0975" I haven't tried it with other conditionals. John
  9. The Name tag suffix field was, I presume, designed for the use of "Junior" "III" etc. Unfortunately I have also used it for decorations, degrees and other abbreviations that a person is entitled to use after their name. This results in a tortuously long name appearing in reports when the personal pronoun is not called for. e.g. Dr. Sir John Doe, K.G., V.C., D.S.O., D.C.L., M.A. is fine for the first name tag in a paragraph but its boring when it occurs several times. Is there a way of getting a report to just use say, First and Surname when the "full name" is used in a report after the first occurrence? John
  10. Name tag suffix field

    Funny, I posted a thank you note to this yesterday, anyway thanks for the tip.
  11. That seems to have solved the problem. 3 years of the occasional whinge to Dorothy and it was that simple. Thank you.
  12. The default Name-Marr in both cases with null sentences (as they came out of the packet all those years ago!)
  13. Version 7

    Should something like this happen then just possibly I might have to start using Surety values but then I am sure that there would be a TMG Tool to enter a global surety value of greater than the value that triggers dotted or dashed lines where the field is null
  14. Yes In an individual narrative (but not limited to this report - its just easier to find as an example) Emma Duncan Crooker was born on 17 Sep 1836 in Bath, Maine. . She married Hon. Arthur Sewell, son of William Dunning Sewell and Standard sentence = [P] was born <[D]> <in [L]> <[M]> in UK English and another Hadeguisa (Unknown) married Robert Marmion Sieur de Fontenay. . She recorded as a widow and a nun at Caen in 1101. [P] married [PO] <[PARO]> <[D]> <in [L]> <[M]>
  15. Version 7

    In pedigrees where the line is dubious. In the specific area that I am working on there are direct ancestors to a certain point, say 1170 and then the probable line is to someone named in the Survey in 1087 who was the landholder. The convention of dashed lines was used by antiquarians to indicate that the pedigree can be proved to continue through the tenancy rather than by blood. The dotted line seems to have been used when they were on even shakier ground. What I envisage in simple terms would be that all "graphical" lines running from a person with Flag type A would be ----- and all from Flag Type B .......... John
  16. Terry, I am certain that this double/treble period is a bug - I have reported it several times over the last two or three years
  17. Version 7

    Can I add an "I wish" to both TMG V7.1 and SS2.5 ? I am presently working with medieval records and families and some ancestors do appear to run with the land tenures rather than gentically. I would like to be able to reproduce the convention of dashed or dotted lines in pedigrees both in print-outs to send to my editor (human) and to my website. A dotted/dashed pedigree line might also be helpful to those people who are constructing pedigrees of doubtful merit. I presently use a flag for these but that only helps when I am viewing in colour. John
  18. In my Compressed Pedigree Report both screen and pdf output b. (date) and m. (date) shows OK but for Death date I just the date and no d. The three options out of four options for date are ticked in the options. What have I missed? John
  19. That was the problem, thank you. I did notice that the abbreviations are limited to four characters - is it possible for that to be expanded - I have a breg ; mreg and dreg which don't have the final full stop. John
  20. I would like to force some words in a surname into lower case I have for instance: Given Name = Anharad Pre-surname = ferch Surname = DAVID AP LLEWELYN AP DAVID AP GRONWY and I would like the AP to appear as ap because it makes it easier to read. I know I could simply make Anharad the daughter of David and David the son of Llewelyn but then in the pick list I run into the difficulty of distinguishing one Anharad ferch David from another. Suggestions please ? John ap Rees
  21. Surname force lower case

    Thanks Jim, but I don't think this solves my problem of viewing REES AP REES as REES ap REES, what I was hoping for was something like say: REES [LCASE:]ap[:LCASE]REES
  22. Today TMG 6.12 (UK) took it into its head to freeze when I clicked on Add New Person. Maintenance run. TMG reloaded. TMG removed and root directory deleted. TMG re-installed from fresh download. Windows and TMG started in safe mode and still froze on Add New Person (even though it was a different person by now!). TMG running under XP sp2 on 2.80 GHz 1 meg RAM. AVG and Zone Alarm disabled whilst trying to resolve this problem. Project runs OK on Windows laptop and sort of OK on Vista laptop (but that's another problem). John
  23. Add Person TMG Freezes

    Thanks folks - today it's behaving. I tried Paul's suggestion yesterday and all I got was the active frame centering. I ran a virus checker overnight and defragged, re-booted this morning and it was as right as rain. I suspect that my TMG is suffering from overwork So I'll do some gardening today.
  24. Add Person TMG Freezes

    Just coming to post about that. I can add wife, brother sister, etc from the drop-down menu (least it calls the right boxes) but the chap with the + sign at the top of the drop down menu (add person) causes it to freeze, as does clicking on his twin brother on the menu bar below. John
  25. Add Person TMG Freezes

    Thanks, but its not that. The menu bar greys out when she freezes and its Alt, Ctl, Del to get going again. John