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  1. To find individuals with a memo containing a certain word or sequence of words I am using a List of Events with the following filter: Memo contains [?] AND Principal 1... Surname =Equals [?] END The filter generates a report showing all individuals of a certain surname that have have the word or sequence of words in any memo.
  2. gedcom export error

    I could solve this problem by deactivating the antivirus programs before starting the export. Max
  3. I Just wanted to confirm Jim’s comment. I have to deactivate all McAfee Life Safe modules in order to get a Gedcom output-file. Another comment: be patient! It takes several minutes to get the gedcom file, even when using a high-powered computer.
  4. I would like to report an "unreproducible" but often occuring bug in TMG 9.05. If I add children to an existing family using the sequence: "Add" -> "Copy Person(s)" with an exising child, it sometimes works straightforward. However, sometimes after adapting the first name and birthdate of the new child, an unexpected refresh of the window shows the new child with different parents. I then have to change the parents manually to fix the bug. After such an error I once optimized the data set ("File" -> "Maintenace" -> "Optimize") and ended up in a situation where TMG was unable to open the project because of a missing file. I had to restore the project but oviously lost the data entered since the last backup. For these reasons I now enter new children systematically using the "Add new Person" button. It takes mor mouseckicks but I have never had problems this way. Max
  5. What to replace TMG

    We should also consider the development of HRE (https://historyresearchenvironment.org/). There are some promising claims concerning the transfer of TMG-data.
  6. Family Historian 6 claims that it is possible to import data directly from TMG. Has anyone done it and can tell us what has been lost after the Import?
  7. Many thanks Jim for the useful information. It seems that the migration to FH is possible but not straightforward because of the different design of the programs. I will probably stay with TMG for some more time. Max
  8. Images - editing

    If you want to resize images for subsequent use in Second Site or other output you might consider to use John Cardinals TMG Utility V 7.3 (Exhibits -> Exort Images ...). This is a convenient way to resize all Images in one run.
  9. What to replace TMG

    When thinking about replacing TMG do not forget the companion programs that are extremely useful and will most probably not be updated for a differen product. My concern is that I will not be able anymore to use John Cardinals most valuable Second Site and TMG Utility with a different genealogy program. I would only be ready to use a different genealogy program if John would adapt his Second Site to that particular product. Max
  10. The problem of creating individual narrative reports using the buttons in the toolbar has been reported earlier for v8. If set to German, the "Individual narrative preview" does not work at all and the "Individual narrative preview with sources" just creates an empty page. Unfortunately, v9 still gives the same results. I am wondering if other users have encountered the same problem. Max
  11. Thank you Helmut. I am afraid that I have to look deeper in my TMG configuration and rpt-files Beste regards, Max
  12. Thank you Helmut for your feedback. If I add the report to the custom toolbar using the "Customize.../Anpassen..." button, the report is also generated correctly. However, if I use the standard TMG-buttons at the right end side of the toolbar, they do not work as explained above. I can also generate the report directly from the dropdown report menue. The Problem concerns the preview function on the standard toolbar only.
  13. The same happens on my computer from time to time, not very often (Windwos 7, 64 bit). I did not yet find out the exact sequence of keystrokes of close button where it happens. As mentioned above, after a restart the reminder to backup appeared again. Max
  14. TMG 8.07 - name variants not useable

    Danke Vera. Das Hinzufügen von Namens-Varianten geht nun in v8.08 ohne Probleme. Gruss, Max
  15. TMG 8.07 - name variants not useable

    The update using the "check for updates" does not work on my computer. Where else can I download the new version? (I have to install the programme using the "install as adminsitrator") Thanks, Max
  16. TMG 8.07 - name variants not useable

    Any idea when v8.08 will be released? Max PS I have installed v8.07 an should add many new "name-var" soon.
  17. Thank you Michael for the idea to add the tag to selected families. I will have a careful look at the textfile needed for the TMG Utility. Max
  18. Thank you Terry. Your suggestion is a good way to solve the problem. However, I am afraid that it is somewhat late for me to add a new tag to each familiy. My database comprises more than 12000 individuals ...
  19. I have a different problem with the option „Group common birth places“ for the following situation : Older data from our church books report the christening date for a child and the birth place where the parents lived. The actual birth date is not available. For these cases I have used a non primary birth tag with an empty date field and a birth location (LB) followed by a primary christening tag with both the date and the location of the church (parish, LC). The birth location and the parish are in most cases not identical. The journal report with « Group common birth places » cannot handle this situation correctly : it takes the location for « all born at … » from the primary christening tag (LC) and not from the birth tag. The Birth location is ignored. I assume that the problem is caused by the fact that both tags belong to the same tag group and that the common birth place is taken from the primary tag and not from the actual birth tag. This makes the gouping option useless for me. Max
  20. Endnotes as Roman Numerals

    I have the same problem with Journal reports generated using version 8. The list of sources in endotes of the Word documents have Roman numbers. I have to change the Roman into Arabic numbers in the Word program. I hope that the problem will be solved with the next update.
  21. Thank you Jim for the reply to my Endnote problem. It is peculiar that this problem apparently only occurs when we useTimes New Roman. In my case, the default Journal Report gives the "orrect" Arabic numbering of the sources in the endnotes.
  22. Just wanted to say that I am also using Times New Roman in my Journal Reports and that I was able to generate a Journal report covering 15 generations of about 3500 individuals. It took some time but the report eventually appeared in a Word document without error messages. I noticed, however, that in the current version 8.02 the endnotes are listed with Roman instead of Arabic numerals. I could not yet find a way to change this. Max P.S. I am using the German language setting
  23. When I create a people index sorted by surname, the sorting is not fully consistent. The index correctly displays the names in alphabetical order, followed by a correct alphabetical order of given names. However, equal given names are then sorted by the first two or three digits of the ID-numbers that follow the given names in parentheses. Within equal surnames, this procedure lists e.g. a Miller John (435) (1750-1788) after a Miller John (3234) (1820-1855). It would be nice to have equal names in a chronological order i.e. in the order of increasing birth dates (or at least in an order of increasing ID number). Is there any solution for this problem? Max
  24. Thank you, Vera. I am afraid that the sorting algorithm of MS Word puts the people in this order and that we cannot force a chronological order with TMG. In John Cardinal's Second Site the sorting is done better. In the SS-output I find the alphabetical/chronological order as I like it. Max
  25. Task Groups

    I am using keywords for the research tasks. It is then possible to select specific lists of tasks for any keyword or combination of keywords using an approriate filter. Max