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  1. After recently having to reformat my hard-drive I had to reinstall TMG; still with Windows XP and same TMG v7, (no other change other than a much healthier drive). Since reinstallation I can no longer see the contents of the tags when I pass the mouse pointer over them, a VERY useful option when working. I can't find a customisation where I might have accidentally turned it off, so how do I get it back?
  2. A few days after upgrading from v6 to v7 the backup refused to work, I get the following message: OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered. 35 MENUOBJTMG.MBACKUPWIZARD Abort Retry Ignore If I press "Retry", I get the following message: 39 GOWIZARD is not an object. 39 MENUOBJTMG.MBACKUPWIZARD I had kept v6 available for a few days after upgrading just to make sure that v7 was OK and, on reflection, the problem may (or may not) have started after cleaning out v6. So I can't do backups; anyone have any clues ? ===================================== Problem solved by full re-installation on advice from the Wholly Genes Tech Support. Have re-installed and tested and everything is now good. Thank you Wholly Genes (especially Phil)for your patience !!