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  1. Relationship calculator problem

    Thank you Jim Byram....'twas driving me crazy, I had no idea about refreshing relationships.
  2. Gedcom question

    Thank you for your detailed instructions Terry...I will try your method, actually, it sounds kind of fun. Much appreciation for your time. Janice
  3. Gedcom question

    Thanks. My husband and I have a large database. I want to split mine from his to make things less cumbersome. We have lots of backups, but still, I worry about fumbling around and messing things up. Any suggestions welcome. Janice
  4. Gedcom question

    Does anyone know how to create a new project and/or gedcom that only includes one *very* long branch of a family. I know that can be done by using focus groups, which would be very long and cumbersome. In the older versions of TMG, I thought there was a way to do this. I've checked all of the help files, and I can't find an answer, other than doing the focus group option. Is there anything that is more elegant and easy? Thanks for any help. Janice
  5. Problem with keeping TMG unlocked

    Virginia, Thanks for taking the time to answer. The biggest problem is that the unlock screen says my information is invalid. I've tried to call support, but no answer, so now I will wait to see if they answer my email. Signed, ticked off and tired of this experience. But, thanks to you, again. Janice
  6. Hello, I upgraded to 9.1 a few weeks ago. Every single time I open the program it wants to to unlock it again. Now it is not even accepting my unlock key. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks, Janice
  7. Very Frustrated. Win 8 and TMG 9

    Michael, thank you. It worked. I should have asked earlier instead of trying to tough it out. Maybe some of the procedures are different in the newer versions. I really did try to import and restore with geds and pjc and at least once with sqz files, I just must have not put the sqz. into the right place. Thank you so much. Janice
  8. Hello I have a new computer It runs Windows 8 My version of TMG will not run on Windows 8 I had to buy TMG 9 I can't import projects into TMG 9.1 The screen says: I need to make a back up from TMG 6 and then I will be able to 'restore' 'import' the project. I have the files already, but still I get the above screen! I cannot run TMG 6 on Windows 8. I am EXTREMELY frustrated. I have spent hours on this. I have tried import gedcoms, and pjc's and etc. Nothing works. Help please. Thank you. Janice P.S.I am an experienced user of TMG, have had the program since the 1990's, and with software and gen programs in general. I have never been so...well, words fail.