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  1. Gedcom import failure

    Michael, Thanks for your reply. The Gedcom file is on the C: drive. It is not in a folder monitored by a backup program. I have imported the same filename in the same folder many times before with no problem. David
  2. Gedcom import failure

    Hello, I have TMG 9.05 on Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1. In the middle of importing a Gedcom file to TMG, I got this box: ============================================== File access is denied c:\users\david\appdata\local\temp\tmg52850893\tempmfil.fpt 0 TAGSOUR ============================================== After reading a few messages on this forum, I tried running the installer with the Repair option. It appeared to go well, and when I started the program (run as administrator selected in the shortcut), it asked for my registration data and it was accepted. When I tried the Gedcom import again, the result was the same (except the 8 digit number in the file name was different). Retry and ignore produced no good results. Abort resulted in the Sample project being loaded. Does anyone know how this problem can be solved? Thank you. David Lowndes