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  1. TMG Version 9

    Hello Morbius, I still have some licenses left, contact me off list harry.goegebeur at genea.be (without spaces and at=@ to fool the spammers)
  2. Upgrade Still Available?

    Hello all, Just to notice that I will be on a short holiday till 9th October...
  3. Hello all, I found more unused serialnumbers! They are full TMG 9.05 Gold licenses and work with US and UK versions. Interested? Contact me off list at harry.goegebeur@genea.be Just to notice that I will be on a holiday till 9th of October without WiFi
  4. Purchasing TMG V9.05

    Updated 14th February. I have some more unused unlock codes for TMG9 download version, contact me off list Harry.Goegebeur@genea.be Kind regards Harry
  5. Discontinuation of TMG - Direct Import to RootsMagic ?

    Hello Helmut, I encountered your name several times and if I am correct you speak German :-) I translated TMG into Dutch and have a few hundred Dutch users gathered during the last 12 years... I downloaded the previous "free" RM (the one with the gedcom import) first thing I noticed : whichever program claims to be a valuable alternative for TMG will have to do the import directly! Gedcom is NOT doable... Second thing and maybe as important as import is the language issues! TMG runs in German, Dutch, Norwegian, French and many more. I do not ask to RM or FH or Legacy will run in other languages than English but at least the reports will have to be in other languages than English otherwise switching from TMG to another program is not one step back but running backwards. It is a good thing that other companies are trying to make an alternative for TMG but at this time there is no valuable alternative for the combination TMG+TMGUtil+SecondSite! RM and Legacy are offering a "competitive" upgrade price and I understand them because business is business :-) Wholly Genes did the same offer when Ultimate Family Tree stopped development years ago but TMG5.a those days did a complete direct import of an UFT project nothing was lost! If I read the TMG moving guide of RM I get cold sweat <grin> at this time I will have to much cleanup work after import to switch. Kind regards Harry
  6. TMG v9.01 keeps asking for serial number..

    Hi Finn, The first time you run TMG click on the icon and run it as administrator and the problem will be solved the following times you start TMG
  7. Hello Michael, Vera and Mark, Here in Belgium (and The Netherlands) we use = as the symbol for christening or baptism. An experienced genealogist made a site with all the symbols for many events: http://www.familiegeschiedenis.be/sites/default/files/Genealogische%20symbolen%20en%20afkortingen.pdf It is in Dutch but the right column is in other languages.
  8. Application halt

    Hello Peter, I followed your steps with my own project and cannot repeat the problem! You could try to run File > Maintenance > Reindex maybe that solves the problem
  9. Restore default sentence?

    The sentence is: [P] <was|and [PO] were> [M] <[D]> <[L]>
  10. Default sentence language

    Take a look at Visit My Website (the site for Dutch users of TMG and Second Site) the help pages of John Cardinal's Utility are available in Dutch. With this Utility you can do a lot of things. The translate button of TMG also works but you have to make a new dummy (with only 1 person in it) project from scratch so that you can use that dummy to "translate" the tag sentences. On my site there is also a forum where you can ask your questions in Dutch (once you are registered).
  11. Windows 8 Conference

    Today Microsoft announced that programs using the new Metro style can only be installed if they are bought via the Microsoft store! Something Apple does for years... Then Microsoft store takes 30% of the price paid by the customer...
  12. Goegebeur, Harry

    http://users.pandora.be/harry.goegebeur/Se...Site2/index.htm The homepage is completely in Dutch but genealogy speaks for itself
  13. Translation to Swedish

    As far as I can see you have done a good job... the remaining English words on the pictures come from the "buttons" which you will find in the directory \The Master Genealogist\buttons you will see files Dutch_ french_ etc... you will have to make swedish_ similar files... The other English items are the "Tags" and tags are translated "hardcoded" so you will have to ask the developpers a list of standard tags and translate them (tag, past tense, abbreviation, sentence construction) and then the developpers can implement them into TMG That is probably a bug and you have to report it to the developpers, I will try translating too and if I get the error I will report it.
  14. Translation to Swedish

    Hello Thomas, I translated (and still am translating <grin>) the used strings in Dutch. There are a few ways to translate the text, Terry already answered. Do you mean the text generated by the reports or do you mean the whole smuck (messages, menu's, optionscreens, etc...)? In the last case you looking at a strings.dbf file with more than 16300 records that need to be translated and you better collect a team to do the job in parts. In case you want TMG translated complete I can provide you an Excell file with all the strings from TMG or if you have FoxPro you can edit the strings file yourself.