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  1. TMG crashes when attempting to load.

    Thanks John, that is exactly what I did as you know we have had to do that for the viewer.exe in the past. So that means I can sleep easy. I think the viewer problem has been around for 3 years or so, and I am sure when we get a notice of the yearly download about Oct-Dec that I have to reput that exception in, so it seems that AVG for some reason or other picks up tmg's exe as a false positive virus or something. Phew I can go on holidays now knowing I have fixed it. Thank you for the update, now I know my old grey cells are not dead yet. Kay PS. If AVG USA cannot help, I doubt the Australian branch could, I am on my second AVG PC Tune up licence for 2 computers for 2 years, think it is brilliant.
  2. TMG crashes when attempting to load.

    Hi, I think I have a workaround, I have set an exception for the whole of TMG, as well as the viewer, I do not have the experience to know whether this is the right way to do it. Kay
  3. TMG crashes when attempting to load.

    linda, Just when I thought everyone was asleep on the other side of the world. I thought it might have been that exception thingy we have to do, but mine is in tact, I cannot see what updated, and I am not sure even if I turned my system back, whether when avg updates again, I will be back to square dot. Hopefully someone will help us soon. I was thinking of putting on TMG list, but same reason not to most people are asleep ATM, Kay Tried going off the net, disabled avg, and tmg came up, as soon as I enabled avg, tmg no longer worked.
  4. TMG crashes when attempting to load.

    John this has happened to me today, what was the fix???
  5. TMG 8 with Windows 10?

    Jim, I have made a post on the TMG list hopefully you are still a member. Would love to hear there more information whether to upgrade to 10 with v9.05 or not, meanwhile I have put a reserve on the program to download.
  6. Virus in TMG viewer?

    The scan result was the same files in my d drive and my external j drive. They were not moved to the virus vault automaticly, wonder why? I now have restored the one in the vault. Running another scan Kay
  7. Virus in TMG viewer?

    I am not feeling so alone with my problem, I was alerted this morning when I had an avg warning as I went to go to a site for my card making. Thinking there was a problem immediately closed the page down, and thought I hadn't checked my virus vault for some time and should do so, thus finding the report I posted this morning. I just extended to keep messages from default 30 days to 60 days as well. The current scan I am doing is picking up same virus in TMG6 and 7 updates which I have stored on my d drive. "D:04 FAMILY HISTORYTMG 7TMG 7 & Updatestmg7xx702update.exe";"Found Luhe.Fiha.A" "D:04 FAMILY HISTORYTMG 7TMG 7 & Updatestmg7xx703update.exe:unwise0026.bin";"Found Luhe.Fiha.A" "D:04 FAMILY HISTORYTMG 7TMG 7 & Updatestmg7xx703update.exe";"Found Luhe.Fiha.A" "D:04 FAMILY HISTORYTMG 6 Program stufftmg6.12setup.exe:unwise00f6.bin";"Found Luhe.Fiha.A" "D:04 FAMILY HISTORYTMG 6 Program stufftmg6.12setup.exe";"Found Luhe.Fiha.A" "D:04 FAMILY HISTORYTMG 7TMG 7 & Updatestmg7.01setup.exe:unwise0020.bin";"Found Luhe.Fiha.A" "D:04 FAMILY HISTORYTMG 7TMG 7 & Updatestmg7.01setup.exe";"Found Luhe.Fiha.A" "D:04 FAMILY HISTORYTMG 7TMG 7 & Updatestmg7setup.exe:unwise001f.bin";"Found Luhe.Fiha.A" "D:04 FAMILY HISTORYTMG 7TMG 7 & Updatestmg7setup.exe";"Found Luhe.Fiha.A" Now we know all these files are OK they have been around forever, I really dont need them on my computer either, just hording I guess. There was also some of my card making .jpgs that were in my original list, those too I knew were OK and restored them so it will be interesting to see if they are repicked up. http://www.threatremoval.com/uninstall-luhe-fiha-a-virus-manually-delete-luhe-fiha-a/ This site definitely has made me feel uncomfortable, I am just waiting now for the scan result. Kay